Some history…

by dahl2013

Along with the arrival of 2012 came an unequivocal statement from our youngest son, just short of 16 years, that he wouldn’t live to see 2013.  We listened to his explanation of why with only slight interest – the Mayan calendar ended on 22 December 2012 so consequently we were probably all going to die!  As the year progressed and he grabbed at every opportunity with enormous enthusiasm – a 10 day voyage on The Spirit of New Zealand, a family holiday to Thailand, a week’s Scuba Diving Course giving him his first “dive ticket”,  the lead-role in his school’s production of “Man of Steel”, the lead of his Kapa Haka group, his speech asking the school to vote for him as 2013 Head Boy and subsequent designation of this role…… he still insisted that he wasn’t going to see 2013.  When asked how sure he was that he wouldn’t he replied “100% sure”.  On the evening of 22 December he stayed awake into the early hours, waiting for the end to come.  Around 2.30am he texted his older brother, Francis saying “hey buddy I’m still alive, how about you”?

Four days later, 26 December 2012, our youngest son was taken from us in a tragic accident that left us all bereft, heartbroken, in a state of total shock and struggling to survive ourselves.