Dream or reality?

by dahl2013

This was a hugely distressing phenomenon.

My father died back in 1986 and we were very close.  He was a veterinary surgeon and as such, a confirmed atheist.  I spoke to him constantly after his death (without reply) and had the odd dream about him.  One night a had a ‘real’ experience of him – he was saying ‘time to let me move on now Sue – I’ll still be around but you’ve got to get on with your life’.  This was different to a dream – an almost tangible meeting with him.

I had another ‘real’ experience with Rowie some six weeks down the track.  I had been going through an angry phase of my grieving; blaming myself for not having said ‘no’ to his going to his girlfriends on Boxing Day; blaming his dad for having to work on Boxing Day making it a ‘non-event’ which freed him up to go away for the day; angry with God for taking our beautiful, warm, funny son when there are so many mongrels out there in the world (yep, a truly unchristian attitude to be sure)!  That night I had a ‘real’ visitation from Rowie again; totally different feeling to a dream.  This time we were in the local community hall and he was hiding behind a curtain; peering out at me with scared eyes. I realised that it was time to forget my anger.  I needed to start reading, researching – to find out what other people say about death, dying, the afterlife.  I wanted to know with an absolute certainty that I would see Rowie again one day and that he would be there waiting for me.

One of my work colleagues suggested I read Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, MD., On Death and Dying, 1969.  This started me on a journey that I am only 9 months into as I write this, but a journey that has already opened my heart and my mind up to so many amazing things. Another colleague said to me ‘it is what it is’ – a statement that baffled me at first but one that I now understand.  She suggested I read some written material from various modern-day mediums; James Van Praagh, Kelvin Cruickshank, Lisa Williams, Allison DuBois to name but a few.

These guys opened up my mind to all sorts of other possibilities; preset death dates, soul lessons, soul purpose, spiritual growth and evolved consciousness and reincarnation.

I then progressed to authors with experience of NDE’s (near death episodes).  This part of my journey was fascinating (more later).

I favourite book of mine, The Art of Happiness by His Holiness The Dalai Lama and Howard C Cutler should be read by every man and his wife and children.  If everyone could live to His Holiness’ simple guidelines to happiness; love, compassion and forgiveness, the world would heal itself overnight!

In my next blog I would love to share with you my views on a simple statement “there are no coincidences” because this statement has cropped up in every book I have read.  It is a statement that has proven itself ten-fold to us since Rowie died.