There are no coincidences……

by dahl2013

When my father died it was sudden; unexpected; even though he had suffered with high blood pressure and emphysema for many years.  He died in the afternoon on Saturday and we were unable to find my sister to tell her until the following Tuesday.  The first time we were altogether we experienced a strange phenomena.  We were sitting in the lounge talking when one of us noticed a woodpecker hammering away at the willow tree outside my parents’ bedroom.  A beautifully coloured woodpecker that hammered away at the tree for some 20 minutes or more.  We had lived at this house for many years and had never seen a woodpecker before.  We never saw one again either.  My father loved birds; particularly robins and woodpeckers.  Even though he was a confirmed atheist I was inclined to have an open mind when it came to religion and felt that if he was given the opportunity to send us a sign, this would be the sign he would send.

The day after Rowie died the sun shone; bright and hot.  We sat in the garden as a procession of kind, well-meaning people arrived with flowers, food and words of comfort. Boxes of flowers started arriving; the flowers arriving protected by slivers of shredded paper.  As we were sat there I noticed just three pieces of shredded paper that had escaped their confinement; one shaped like a perfect R; one shaped like a perfect C; one straight.  I laughed and pointed them out to the family.  “Rowan Cai – shame about the other one – it should be a P for Parker” I exclaimed.  Within minutes the heat of the sun had turned the third piece of paper into a perfect P – RCP – Rowan Cai Parker. Coincidence or a message from another place?

Grief can play tricks with you.  I know this.  These initials were witnessed by the whole family though.  At this stage I’m not sure any of us really believed it was a sign but it was certainly something to think about.

This was the first of many little, unexplained things that triggered the “coincidence” comment.  It was only after reading several books and seeing the same comment “there are no coincidences” that I began to look at these small happenings; trying in my own mind to measure probability of this series of ‘coincidences’ against caused happenings.  At this stage I began to understand that there were too many of these occurrences to be anything other than ’caused’ events.  One thing I am sure of is that Rowan is not the kind of guy to give in easily. He always was and still is a very persistent soul.  I have said many times over the last few months that it is my intention to prove that Rowan is very much alive still; not physically unfortunately; and that there definitely is an afterlife.   He is very much alive and part of our lives as he constantly reminds us in one way or another.

I would love to share my experiences of some wonderfully gifted people – people who can speak to those in spirit.  Another blog, another time.