Mediums and other gifted souls….

by dahl2013

Our undertaker, Raewyn, was truly wonderful.  I know it is her job to be kind and understanding but she went the extra mile.  She suggested we read a book by a UK medium whom she felt would provide some comfort for us.  It certainly did and fifteen days after Rowie died we contacted a local medium in a town not too far away from us.  She warned us that it was so very soon after his passing that she might not be able to contact him.  We did a phone reading.  She began by blowing my socks off.  She said that Rowie was with her and that he was ‘stoked with the tie’!  These opening words were mind blowing.  Francis, our eldest son had placed his rugby club tie in Rowie’s coffin ( his dearest wish being that the two of them would one day play together in the same team).  Only family and very close friends knew this. There was no way that someone living in a town 100kms away from us would know this.  Her next statement was even more astounding.  She said that she could see Rowie standing there with a grin on his face holding a book with one hand and pointing at it with the other.  She laughed and said ‘is it a Where’s Wally book?’.  This was truly amazing because for Christmas we had given him a ‘Where’s Willy’ book; the cover identical in looks to Where’s Wally with only a slight difference – he was looking for a little willy not Wally!  This was only known by our immediate family who were present on Christmas Day. Lynn, this incredible medium spent an hour talking to us about Rowie.  She told us so many other amazing things like Francis’ nickname for him, ‘Skin’.  She told me that she was making notes and that she would put the notes in the post to us so that we could think about the things that hadn’t immediately struck a chord.  True to her promise the notes arrived and we have been constantly amazed over the last nine months by her accuracy.  We should point out at this stage that she did not charge us for this reading; she did it because she had a deep empathy for our situation.

Lynn did another phone reading with us and came to see us at home for yet another one.  In every instance she proved her honesty and sincerity.  Rowan came through every time with humour, love and credibility.

The next eight months saw me travel extensively in my pursuit of spiritual reality and truth; to Christchurch twice and to San Francisco for the most amazing experience of my life so far.

As we discussed earlier, there are no coincidences.

A short while into our journey a face appeared on my Facebook page that was familiar; the name not so familiar as the face but I felt a need to follow this up.  The daughter, Jodie, of an old, warm, funny friend from my previous life in the UK, Linda, had started a blog as a medium and Channel of Heaven.  As I began to follow this blog, Jodie discovered that her mother had been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Heartbreaking for her and very sad for me and many others, I followed this short, poignant story of Linda’s braveness in the face of a debilitating, aggressive cancer which ended her life very quickly.

It was no coincidence that Jodie and Linda appeared in my life again after 20 years or so.  I realised very quickly that Jodie was going to play a very big part in our lives.  So like her mother in many ways; vibrant, warm, beautiful, funny; I felt the need to pop across the Pacific to catch up with her for a chat!  Funnily enough, Rowie got there before me………..