Near death episodes (NDE’s) or Astral travel

by dahl2013

As stated earlier, I have spent much of the last nine months reading copiously.  I have read many books written by parents who have lost children. The ‘Matthew’ series of books are fascinating – Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven is the first written by Matthew’s mum, Suzanne Ward.  She writes about Heaven as told to her by her son who died tragically at the age of 17.  She continues to write a blog that amazes every time.  Another wonderful story is entitled ‘Heaven is for Real’ by Todd Burpo. This tells the true story of Colton Burpo, the four year old son of a small-town pastor in the US.  After surviving emergency surgery, he began talking about being able to look down and see the doctor operating.  He also tells of what his parents were doing whilst he was in surgery.  He describes being in Heaven, seeing God and Jesus and meeting long-dead family members. A New Zealand story, ‘Dry your Tears’ by Little Grace is written by the mother (Annette Hanham) of another 17 year old tragically taken in an accident and tells of her journey through the grieving process.  Each of these books referenced other literature which drove me on to read more and more.

Having satiated myself with other peoples’ child-related tragedies I moved on to books written by people who had returned to us after near death episodes.  What transpired here I found interesting.  Every day folk started telling of near death experiences suffered on the operating table in the late 1960s – the tunnel with a white light at the very end – stories we have all heard and listened to with a touch of cynicism.  Suddenly eminent surgeons who have also treated their patients’ stories with cynicism began experiencing similar things.  I read a wonderful book on holiday, ‘Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife’ by Dr Eben Alexander.  As mentioned before, my father was a veterinary surgeon with a typical scientist’s attitude towards life and death; you are born, you live, you die – the end.  This made ‘Proof of Heaven’ an even more fascinating read for me.  Another holiday read, ‘To Heaven and Back: A doctor’s Extraordinary Account of her death, Heaven, Angels and Life Again’ by Dr Mary C Neal, an orthopaedic surgeon was equally inspiring.  These stories aren’t written by religious fanatics; they are written by members of the medical profession who have found it hard understanding what they have experienced but none-the-less believe totally that they have seen Heaven first-hand.

These NDEs can equally be classed as ‘astral travelling’ – which I believe can also be attained through meditation – something I am trying very hard to do but have, as yet, been unable to do.  My brain shoots here, there and everywhere – not allowing me the peaceful state of mind needed for meditation and thus, astral travel.  This is something I will succeed in doing one day – something I need to be able to do.  I’m only 9 months into my journey – and Rowie is only 9 months into his journey – we both have a lot to learn.

Jodie is helping us both with this.  I will tell you how.