Lessons learned Part 1………..

by dahl2013

I start this post by asking your forgiveness if I offend anyone.  These are my lessons and my views.  I have no wish to force them on you.  

My first lesson learned is that I now have absolutely no doubt that there is an afterlife.  Firstly Lynn and then Jodie with enormous input from Rowie, have convinced me of this.  Both Lynn and Jodie have known many things that could have only been shown to them or told to them by Rowie; or indeed some other soul already passed.  They most certainly couldn’t have been guessed at.

As I have stated in previous posts, my intention, from a very early stage in this process, has been to learn as much as I can in pursuit of Rowie.  My intention has always been to be able to communicate directly with him.  I know, through conversations I had with him when he was still here, that he would have striven to do the same thing if I had gone first.  I have no intention of letting him down but I now realise that this will not happen overnight.  This will be a continuing story.  I have to learn new skills; meditation being the most important, and Rowie has to heal fully.

I believe that Rowie struggled considerably after he passed.  A sudden death is not only hard for the people left behind but also for the soul who has departed.  They are taken by surprise and some, like Rowie, find it very hard to accept that they are dead.  They also feel the separation anxiety that we feel on earth; they see the terrible trauma their death has caused their loved ones and go through the same anguish.  There then follows a period of healing for them.  I have not heard this first hand but have read about it and have been told of it by my gifted friends.  I believe Rowie’s healing is still continuing although he is now getting excited about the possibilities ahead for him.  He has been taken under the wing of Jodie’s ‘team’ as she likes to call them.  He has met Linda and Nonny.  He has met Patrick (see Jodiearcher.wordpress.com). They have treated him wonderfully well and helped him heal and grow. His own family have been wonderfully supportive too although, for those of you who knew my mother, she was late meeting him when he passed – obviously very busy doing something very important! Jodie, in league with her ‘team’, is sure that Rowie and I will communicate one day but we need to heal a little more before that time comes around. She has suggested I research an organisation called IAC (International Academy of Consciousness), a non-profit research and educational organisation that studies out-of-body experiences, bioenergy, paranormal phenomena and consciousness – another turn in the road.