Lessons learned – Part III

by dahl2013

Just imagine how awesome it must be for Rowie to be seen, actually seen, by Jodie. Imagine the joy of having a conversation with someone still on earth who is sitting with your mum and able to relay what it is you want to say.

I learned fairly soon after Rowie’s death that this daughter of an old friend of mine was a medium. I had a quick one-sided chat with Rowie and suggested he pop and see Jodie. He took me at my word and did just that. After he made the initial contact with her every time she popped my email address into the ‘Send to’ box he was there with her; shy at first but soon getting braver as he became more familiar with her.
He now pops to see her when I’m not there – the beginnings of a beautiful friendship.

I have learned that Rowie would like to be an ambassador for Heaven and I am sure he will have a lot to tell when the time is right.

Death dates.  I believe that as we draw up our contract for our new life on earth, we, along with our soul family, agree on our time of death.  This is possibly based on what life lessons we need to learn in this incarnation.  I think the younger we die the more of a memory we have of this preset date.  I think this might, to some extent, explain Rowie’s belief that he would not live to see 2013.  

From October/November 2012 onward Rowie seemed to withdraw a little from family life. He spent a great deal of time in his bedroom and seemed preoccupied.  One morning he came into our bedroom and walked up to me as I was opening the curtains.  He grabbed hold of me and gave me his wonderful ‘Rowie bear-hug’ saying as he did, ‘I don’t want you to die before me mum; I couldn’t stand it without you!’  I was somewhat startled by this statement and replied ‘don’t be silly; that’s what happens Rowie.  Mums and Dads go first but by the time that happens you’ll be sick of the sight of us anyway’!  We remembered our fridge magnet;

AVENGE YOURSELF. Live long enough to be a problem to your kids

He laughed and we forgot it.

In this same contract, along with his death date he chose to die in an accident. He felt that this was kinder on his loved ones than through a long, debilitating illness. After much thought, although his accident was an horrendous thing to experience, I do agree that to see him suffer long-term terminal illness would have been more soul-destroying. His soul was taken from his body as he went over the cliff – there was no fear or pain; just complete disbelief and shock albeit that he had himself predicted this event throughout the year.