Lessons learned – IV

by dahl2013

We have talked of coincidences.  I had learned from Jodie that she did readings, Blessings and healing.  I also learned that she could do these long distance.  I decided that I needed all the help I could get and asked her to do the Wholeness Blessing for me.  She apologised profusely but said that this was perhaps the only thing she couldn’t do long distance.  I mentioned this to Chris who immediately said I should go to San Francisco to receive it.  I was aware that the Wholeness Blessing had been given to Joe Crane by Archangel Michael, (Joe being co-author of On the Wings of Heaven and author of The Masters Return), two books in the long list that I have read during the last 9 months.

I thought I might just see if Jodie had time to see me some time in August.  She replied that the last week in August looked good to her but did I really want to travel all that way just for the Wholeness Blessing?  I really wanted to see her for personal reasons; my heart ached for her loss – Linda was a good friend of mine and I had fond memories of Jodie as an inquisitive, persistent youngster.  Together we discussed all sorts of others things she could do for me, and as coincidence would have it, Jenny Bell, a Wholeness Blessing facilitator, someone who can give the seal to another enabling them to pass on the Blessing was going to be at Jodie’s house during that week. Jodie asked whether I would be interested in receiving this seal to enable me to pass on this gift, one heart at a time.   She also said that she was hosting Jose Sanchez the weekend I was there who was giving a course on Universal White Time Healing (energy healing) and would I be interested in taking part in this course.  I said that I would be delighted to take part! How about that for coincidences?

These things seemed strange to me and I was a little nervous as I readied myself for this adventure.  As I have said before, my early life was not full of religion, spiritual talk and energy healing and blessings.  I really needed to reserve judgement until I could see and experience some of Jodie’s world.  I fully accepted that Rowie was with her because of the absolute proof beyond doubt that he was talking to her, telling her things and showing her things.  He had shown her his wonderful school friends, Hannes and Claudia and she described them perfectly to me.  He had shown her injuries received in the accident.  Yes I absolutely believed he was talking to her – but blessings and healings……..not so sure!

I arrived at San Francisco airport, not just a little nervous.  The last time I saw Jodie she was around 12 years old.  She was there, waiting for me, hardly changed at all!  Slight, blue-eyed, blond and gorgeous – no wonder Rowie had decided to stay around her.  We talked non-stop on our two hour journey to her home and I felt warm and welcome.

The first thing I noticed about her home, apart from a very insistent 6 month old rescue golden labrador called Bodhi Hope Archer, was the absolute peace and calm; almost a stillness – and she has an amazing view of the ocean.

Rowie was not going to let us sit around idly talking for very long.  He had obviously been waiting for this moment for a wee while.  We went to Jodie’s healing room for my first Blessing and our first ‘live’ Rowie-reading – WOW!