Lessons learned V

by dahl2013

Jodie gave me my first Wholeness Blessing the day I arrived.  This was to be followed by another two; one given by her and one given by Jenny Bell.  Jenny not only gave me my third Blessing but she, as Facilitator, gave me the gift to pass this Blessing on to others. Giving the Wholeness Blessing is a simple process. I place a hand on your heart, another on you back in a place aligned with my other hand.  I ask Archangel Michael to use me as a conduit to pass this Blessing to the recipient and I ask the recipient if they wish to receive the Wholeness Blessing.  I then feel the energy enter me, travel through my hand that is on the heart and I feel it received through my other hand on the back.  This energy can only be described as pure love.  Simple. Done.  I give my gratitude to Archangel Michael, Joe Crane, Jodie and to Jenny for giving me this profound gift.  There is never a charge for giving the Wholeness Blessing – it is a gift given one heart at a time.

Rowie’s first live reading was warm and funny.  He has been through a period of healing – something he needed to do after his sudden passing.  He is showing great potential!  Well why not?  We always knew he had enormous potential!  He has the ability to heal and there is a possibility that we might work together in the future.  

He showed Jodie around our house in Owaka; and I believe this wholeheartedly.  She commented that I really need to get rid of some of the clutter!!  He showed her our bedroom and Jodie could describe the furniture perfectly.  She also discussed Mr Squidge, Francis and Rowan’s shared teddy bear that is sitting on the drawers in our bedroom.  He took her into his bedroom.  He then showed her one of her very own prized crystals sitting on our fireplace!  Guess what came home in my suitcase!

Jodie sees him standing in Samurai robes and holding a sword.  He is a warrior spirit.  He wants Francis and I to have a tattoo – a Samurai sword with his initials; Francis on his right shoulder and mine on my right wrist.  These tattoos will give us strength.  He is not completely sure that Chris will have a tattoo though.  A week after I return from the US Francis and I visit an amazing UK tattooist in Dunedin and now carry Samurai swords as described by Rowie.  A week later Chris arrives home with a beautiful tattoo; larger and bolder:


6/02/1996 – 26/12/2012

I never thought I would sleep with a man with a tattoo!  I’m pretty sure he never thought he would sleep with a woman with a tattoo either!  

Rowie showed off to Jodie his amazing culinary skills.  I’m sure many of you remember his incredible “sticky three cheese sandwich”.  He shared one of these with Jodie – cream cheese, brie and Gruyere with slices of garlic salami toasted until gooey – heart attack on a plate!  Now even the most skeptical must see that picking this sandwich out of thin air would not be an easy thing to do!

He talks at length about Jess this time.  Up until now he hasn’t been able to talk about her.

He talks about Laura, blushing.  He says that Liv was very special. 

He chose presents for some of his close friends.

I was, at this stage, thinking I might well be paying for extra luggage weight for my return journey to New Zealand.

Universal White Time Healing – another amazing gift given to me on my trip to see Jodie. A gift that I learn more about every time I perform a healing.  This might have to follow in Lessons learned – VI.