Bits and Bobs and Universal White Time Healing

by dahl2013

Lynn’s early readings were tremendous.  She talked of Rowie wearing tights – he wore tights as lead in the school production ‘Man of Steel’.  She talked about “Aaron” who worked at the local shop – this, of course, was Erin (an easy mistake to make) and the lollies that Rowie loved so much – jubes and pineapple lumps!  She talked of Francis’ bad knee and him wearing white (as a meat inspector he wears white wellies, white trousers and t.shirt).  She talked of someone who drives without a safety belt and she was shown Rowie pushing the safety belt into its catch saying “click”.  I hold my hand up to this one – Rowie used to help me put my belt on as we crossed the first railway crossing on the way into Clutha – and he would say “click” as it fastened.  She told us that one of us was driving with faulty window-wipers.  Three days later my window-wipers came away at the bottom!

Jodie quotes Rowie and when she does, she gets the intonation perfectly.  It is like hearing the words come out of his mouth.  Jodie describes his cheeky sense of humour and his grin.  She also sees the serious, contemplative side of his personality.  He has serious intent and she is helping us understand this.

The group of us who were going to attend the Universal White Time Healing course met on Friday night.  I cooked a curry for us all – the least I could do for Jodie.  I’m utterly hopeless at cooking rice and Fallon, Jodie’s PA helped us with that.  The group arrived around 6.00pm; Dayal, Barbara, Jenny, Jodie, Fallon, Jose and I.  We had a great time over dinner and I sat spell-bound as they discussed all manner of things that I had no idea whatsoever about.  They discussed crystals and their power of healing.  They discussed Joe Crane and his Gates of Grace, oils, tuning forks etc.  I wasn’t quite sure about these things but remained open-minded.  Jodie brought some wonderful specimens of Selenite for us to look at.  I picked one up and immediately had the same feeling that I had the first time I smoked a joint (many years ago; youthful folly)!  I suddenly became aware of the power of the vibration of crystals – incredible!

This Level One class of Universal White Time Healing included instruction on how to perform contact healing, Chakra balancing, cleansing of auras, distance healing for people and situations and healing on animals, plants, weather and material things.  Part one of the Golden Movement was also included in the teachings.  It was an intense couple of days but the gift I took away from this was amazing.  

I heal when I am given the opportunity and I experience new levels every time but the power of this modality of energy healing never ceases to astound me.  Thank you to those that have made this possible for me.