More bits and bobs…….

by dahl2013

The main reason for me beginning this journey was to learn how to communicate directly with Rowie; not to have to rely on other people to do this for us.  Prior to catching up with Jodie in San Francisco I used these other people like a drug addict would use their poison.  I would have a fix which would last me a few weeks and then I would start craving contact again.  Lynn did three readings for us but I began to feel like I was being a bit of a nuisance so I had to look for others to help!  I bludgeoned a girlfriend into accompanying me to Christchurch for a day’s workshop with Kelvin Cruickshank.  God bless Tracey – she never once made me feel guilty!

This was an enlightening experience.  Kelvin saw my mum behind one shoulder and Rowie behind the other.  He said that Rowie had been through a very tough healing process but that he was “whole” again.  There were 19 of us at this workshop and we all had sad stories to tell. Kelvin answered our questions and gave us all huge insight into his world; a world that is not always easy to live within.  He took us through a guided meditation to see our loved ones on the other side; what an amazing journey.  This has driven me on to seek astral travel through meditation (something I am still struggling with).  I find it near impossible to quiet my mind for any proper length of time and I can feel Rowie getting frustrated with me!  I feel like he is the parent telling me to apply myself; try a little harder!  I have so many CDs with guided meditations now that I could open a shop!  I have nearly every crystal mentioned in the two Crystal Bibles to aid meditation.  I have incense, candles, essential oils – argghhh – the list goes on!  The art of meditation still eludes me.  I thought I might have made it the other day but equally feel that I might actually have fallen asleep for a spell!

I met some like-minded people at Kelvin’s workshop and they, in turn, gave me other people to contact in my quest to communicate with Rowie.  A few weeks later I am boarding another plane up to Christchurch.  This time I am going to see Almora, an Ascended Master who communicates through a very pleasant lady called Dellaina.  I fly in to Christchurch; catch a taxi to the other side of town; spend an hour with Almora; taxi back to the airport; flight to Dunedin and an hour’s journey home again.  Almora met Rowie in a place of learning; a wonderfully peaceful place where he is learning about healing.  He will look after young people who arrive suddenly like himself; he will help them to understand why.  He will remind them of their contract and help them to heal.  I found this information very interesting.  Dellaina isn’t a medium so doesn’t relate directly to Rowie but gathered information through Almora.  Having spoken since to Jodie I realise that Almora was most certainly on the right track.  He said that I would one day be able to communicate directly with Rowie; my soul intent.  Now you see, Almora was another ‘fix’. I then panic because I haven’t another one lined up…….

I spend many hours reading Jodie’s blog ( and spend as many hours again reading her website (  She lives so far away though…….half way around the world.  She offers to do a reading for me on SKYPE. Crikey – I never thought of that!