Universal White Time Healing

by dahl2013

Jose Sanchez, our White Time teacher is a warm, funny soul.  He has been on a journey himself.  He is told that the weekend of our course will see an end to this particular journey and he is excited.  He is not sure how this end will manifest but he knows that something pretty amazing is going to happen.  He shares this with us and we are all delighted to be part of his metamorphosis.

I couldn’t have known that Rowie would be the catalyst for Jose’s journey’s end. After an exhausting day, we were all individual seen by Jose for the final ‘switching on’. For some reason (coincidence?)I ended up being last to go down to Jodie’s treatment room for this procedure. After Jose had finished he was extremely surprised to be approached by Rowie. Rowie wanted to send his love through Jose to me. I found myself feeling incredibly emotional as Jose gave me the “Rowie” hug – unmistakable in its manner and feeling. I then returned to the group and waited for Jose to come upstairs. When he did he was very quiet and withdrawn for a time. This particular journey for him had ended with the love Rowie gave. What an amazing ‘newby’ to Heaven Rowie has turned out to be! As many people have said though, he is an ‘old soul’.

Last night I had a SKYPE session with Jose where he gave me a ‘New Initiation’ to White Time Healing, the first upgrade for many years. The energy was amazing. I have tended to be a little skeptical about long-distance upgrades. My first experience of one was from Jodie and I felt an utter calmness and stillness during the blessing that was quite astounding. This session with Jose was equally stunning. I could feel my whole body pulsating with the energy and the heat. I can’t wait to try some hands on healing to see how this has affected my energy levels.

If you had told me ten months ago that I would be giving the Wholeness Blessing (as taught to Joe Crane by Archangel Michael) to people and that I would perform healing by using energy from the original sun’s White Time Ray I would probably have accused you of losing all sense of reality – something some of you may think about me! Believe me, the energy is real and the Blessing, one heart at a time, is absolutely incredible.