How I see things….

by dahl2013

For a large part of my life I would have classed myself as agnostic, unsure of the existence of God, Buddha, Allah et al.; needing proof of an afterlife before committing to a firm belief.  

As a child I had the usual morbid interest in death.  When we found dead animals; moles, voles, mice, frogs etc. we would solemnly dig a hole, construct a coffin and inter the poor wee creature.  We would stand with heads bent and mutter “ashes to ashes, dust to dust, if God doesn’t want you then the Devil must”!  Mum was perhaps the only member of our immediate family who had a belief.  Pop (my father) as I have explained previously was a vet, a scientist who didn’t believe in Spirit and the afterlife.

I think I began to believe that there had to be more shortly before Pop died.  I wasn’t sure of what the ‘more’ entailed but I just couldn’t believe that we are born, live and die and that is it.  When Pop died my belief became stronger – maybe because he was so very important to me that I couldn’t bear the thought of never seeing him again.  

Mum was only 57 when she lost Pop – the same age that I am now.  How young to become a widow.  She died some twenty four years after Pop; a long time to be by herself.  She was ready to die.  She had told me that she wanted to move on – she knew that she was moving on and not just dying.  By this time I also felt very strongly that there was something else; something intangible but definitely a continuation of energy after death.

You expect to lose your parents at some stage in your life.  However horrendous the thought might be, it is the way of things.  You certainly don’t expect to lose a child though; one that you have successfully reared to a thriving age of nearly 17 years; an age when that child has turned into a young adult and has become an awesome friend as well as kith and kin.

I have spent the last ten months believing categorically that there is an afterlife (I couldn’t ever allow myself to think otherwise – this would have been terribly disloyal to Rowie).  My beliefs have changed substantially though.  My copious amounts of reading and my tenacious digging for truth have left me with very definite beliefs nonetheless.

As I have said previously, these are my beliefs and I don’t wish to offend anyone with them; I just ask that you be open-minded.

I believe that we live many lives and on each life journey with have soul lessons to learn.  I believe that we draw up a contract before each incarnation and I believe that our soul family are involved in the drawing up of this contract.  Within this contract I believe that we are allowed to select our parents and I believe that we also select a death date which is non-negotiable.  I believe that Heaven, Nirvana, the Promised Land, Shangri-la is very close to us.

I believe that Heaven has a higher energy than we have but I believe that through meditation and conscious attunement, we can develop an ability to find that higher vibration.  I believe that the world is changing rapidly.  More people are becoming attuned to this higher vibration, this higher energy.

….and guess what, I believe in angels too!