How I see more things…

by dahl2013

All situations in our lives happen in order for us to learn.  They are not coincidences; they are not simply external stimuli.  I am sure these experiences are actually offerings for the soul.  The wrappings might not be what we want and the contents might not be what we anticipated but we still asked for these in our soul contract.  Our soul needs to be challenged and to learn emotional lessons to allow it to move forward in its development. Otherwise we would keep coming back to learn the same lessons over and over again.  As I have said before; I am determined to learn my soul lessons this time around so that I don’t have to relive these in another life.  It can be incredibly frustrating trying to figure out what lessons might be learned from an experience.

I dragged Francis and Maree along to see His Holiness The Dalai Lama when he visited Dunedin this winter.  I had read his book ‘The Art of Happiness’ and I felt that I needed to see this man in person.  As luck would have it we were pretty close to the front of a sold-out Dunedin Town Hall.  The atmosphere was tremendous and when he walked on to the stage I felt incredibly emotional, tearful.  Here was an old guy, kicked out of his own country, torn away from everything he had ever known; still smiling, still loving, still laughing, still caring.  His recipe for happiness; love, compassion, forgiveness!  How easy is that?  This love, compassion and forgiveness doesn’t start with applying it to someone else.  It starts by applying it to yourself.  Learn to love yourself first because then its a whole lot easier to love others!  Have compassion for yourself and most importantly, take a good hard look at yourself and forgive!  If God, Buddha, Allah et al. can forgive us then surely we can learn to forgive ourselves.  His Holiness lives to those rules and I am sure he will live forever!  He certainly carries the most amazingly vibrant and glowing aura.

I don’t believe in Hell.  God is all loving and all forgiving.

Some people may have huge lessons to learn and much healing to do on their return ‘Home’ and they may well have hard lessons to learn in their next incarnation but I do definitely doubt the existence of a dark and fire-filled pit!  I think Hell was created by mere mortals who had something to gain from peoples’ fears and misgivings.  I also think that we create our own Hell on earth – something that we can change.

Love, compassion and forgiveness – worth thinking about?