More on Rowie….

by dahl2013

Rowan was always a sensitive soul.

When he was five he was moved very rapidly from New Entrants to J1.  This created him some angst even though we were unaware of it at the time.  He developed alopecia.  This was localized to the scalp.  He had two large, round bald patches develop.  We took him to the doctor who performed blood tests, hair analysis etc and she couldn’t find any reason for this to occur.  We used scalp stimulant cream on his head every day and this didn’t improve the situation.  There was no family history of this condition.  The medical profession suggested that it might be caused by stress.  Another mum, with a strong religious background, offered to pray over him if we were willing to allow this.  After a little discussion Chris and I decided to give it a go.  The poor soul was being teased unmercifully about having ‘holes in his head’ (kids can be cruel) and we were prepared to give anything a shot.  I took him to her house and she prayed over him, asking God and His Angels to heal him. We were amazed to see new growth on these bald patches within days of this prayer session.  At the time we weren’t sure whether this was a natural end to a viral attack or due to the prayer being answered.  I am pretty sure now which one it was.

He chose to go to the Salvation Army Kids Club.  He stayed with them for 6 years.  He would probably have become a Youth Leader there if we hadn’t moved from Alexandra.  He loved the weekly club.  He enthusiastically took part in every play they produced and was always first to sign up for their weekend camps.

What I am trying to say is that even though we, as a family, didn’t raise him to go to church every week and we didn’t discuss religion at length with him, he chose to learn himself.  

Rowie believed in an afterlife; he believed in reincarnation.  He talked about having been on earth before.  We listened and laughed and teased; he laughed too but he was deadly earnest in his beliefs.  Having spoken to many people and having had readings with Rowie, I do believe he is an old soul; someone who has been here many times before.  This is why he only stayed a short while this time around; he has pretty much learned his soul lessons and earned his wings (figuratively speaking of course).

As I was writing this I had a phone call from the Coroner’s Office.  The Coroner has finalised his provisional findings and they are posting a report out to us tonight.  She wanted to warn me so that it isn’t a shock when I take it out of the letter box.  A very kind thought discounting the fact that hearing this might in itself put me into a spin!  Ten months tomorrow since he died and they have just put a report together.  We won’t get a formal death certificate until 2014 because the Coroner goes on leave in two weeks and there won’t be time to finalise this before he goes!

Before Rowie died the sun rising was an assurance of a new, exciting day.  Since he died we wake in the morning after a restless sleep to a day without sun; an emptiness that we feel will never be filled again.  The excitement of things to come in his life have been replaced with the painful realization that there will be no future memories.  At first it felt like we would never be able to carry on and that our lives too were over.  We trudged through the first few months surviving from day to day.  Ten months on we are aware now that we can survive this loss.  Little triggers like the phone call today set us back again but we will get through this and with Rowie’s help we will become aware of new perspectives and spiritual enlightenment.