Just a word for his friends….

by dahl2013

Its amazing how things can change in the blink of an eye.

I was just looking at photographs of Rowie and his friends from 2012.  They were all so innocent and happy; so full of anticipation of the good things to come.  Everything was fun; the cliched jokes and the posing facial expressions; the music; the exuberant dancing.  The excitement of the weekend and the serious planning that went into these extravaganzas.  The excitement as they planned the summer holidays; the New Year celebrations and the high jinks of Year 13.  All these things trashed in the blink of an eye.

Their lives along with ours have changed forever.  They have had to “get over it” and carry on with life in as normal way as they can muster.  By not being immediate family their grieving is acknowledged but not fully understood.  Their school is a small, intimate school; one where friendships are intense.  They have had to go to school every day; every day a reminder of someone who no longer shares their fun, laughs and aspirations – our hearts go out to you all.  You have done an amazing job this year; you have propped each other up; you have looked after us – and after everything you have gone through, you have come out the other end – stronger, softer, wiser.

Some of his great friends moved on from school last year; Jess, Reuben, Duncan, Tom, Samantha, Tiffany, Alison, Jason, Hayden, Heidi, Rebecca.  They have all had their own battles to face.  We are so proud of you all. We know it hasn’t been easy.

There are those who were part of his pre-Owaka days; Matthew, Laura, Sarah, Olivia.  There are those he met on The Spirit Of New Zealand – Liv particularly.  They have all had mountains to climb this year.  We are thankful that you were part of his life.

…..and, as Rowie would say, you have all found your souls :o) !!!