Life goes on…….

by dahl2013

A tremendously moving ‘unveiling’ of the plaques for Rowie.

Chris, Francis, Maree and I are hugely grateful to you all for the thought and preparation that went into this ceremony.  We are also grateful to Census District 403 for providing the beautiful wee Rowan trees that gave a home to the rocks (donated by Grant Bradfield – thank you) to which these beautiful plaques (designed by Rowie’s peers – God bless you) are now attached.

Alex MacCreadie was, as always, superbly eloquent.  He hopes that the trees and rocks will provide some-time solace for youngsters and teenagers who may need a little spiritual uplifting.  Rowie will love that idea.  He has such empathy for other people – I am sure he will be there to give people all the strength they need if they ask him.

He was with us yesterday – I know he was there.  The feeling was so great that I was constantly scanning the Kapa Haka group; looking for some sign of him; expecting to see him.  Lets be honest though, its ridiculous to think that he wouldn’t be there – with all the people he loved; with his dear and valued Kapa Haka group; with his valued teachers and cherished friends, in a place that he loved so much.

I thank you on behalf of Rowie.

I thank you for creating this healing time for us.