What a busy week

by dahl2013

Rowie was at the unveiling of the plaques on Monday.  I knew he was there.  I spent some time scanning the kids and scanning the windows looking for him – I felt him but just couldn’t see him! Jodie emailed me to say that he most certainly was there and very proud to be so.

Wednesday night’s prize-giving was a remarkable evening.  I didn’t really want to go but Chris was adamant that we should.  He described it as the closing of a book.  I am so pleased that he persuaded me.  It was a privilege to see Rowie’s peers graduate and hear about their future plans.  The Kapa Haka performance at the beginning was the best we have ever seen (albeit missing one awesome performer)!  The orchestra was excellent as was the choir’s performance. The announcement of next year’s Head Boy and Head Girl was a poignant moment but our best wishes go to Tyler and Ellen – they will be awesome.  The jewel in the crown was Year 13’s final performance!  It was the most emotive and impassioned presentation that we have seen since the send off that was given to Rowie on New Year’s Eve 2012.  Chris and I had to beat a hasty exit as we were both so emotional charged – tears all the way home; but what a performance – stunning, astonishing, wonderful!

Jodie tells me that Rowie stands behind me as I write these posts.  Again I think that I have been aware of this.  I can only write on certain occasions.  I sometimes sit down to write and nothing comes into mind.  I will then, at another time, get an overriding urge to write and things seem to flow with ease.  I am guessing those are the times that Rowie has nothing better to do elsewhere!  I say that with humour because I know that if I really want him here, he is here in the blink of an eye.

Chris and I wish all Rowie’s peers wherever they are; Owaka, Balclutha, Alexandra, Roxburgh, Hawkes Bay, Dunedin; all the best with their exams and future plans.  Much love XX