Rowan Parker Memorial Trophy

by dahl2013

After Rowie died Morgan Culbertson from Clinton suggested to Francis that Clinton Cricket Club and Owaka should play for a Rowan Parker Memorial Trophy.  True to his word he went out, bought a trophy, had it engraved and produced it at the last match of the 2012 season.  We were truly moved by this act of kindness.

Cricket, as those who knew Rowie well will remember, was not his favorite sport!  He turned out a couple of times in 2012 for Francis because they were short………and because Francis begged (very unbecoming according to Rowie)!  After each game he swore never to play cricket again!

If you have been following my blog you will remember Lynn, the first medium I made contact with after Rowie died.  Her very first reading over the phone ten days after he died was incredibly accurate; mind-blowing in its preciseness.  Some of the things she said already applied.  Other things didn’t make sense at the time but were visions of the future.  One of the things that already applied but didn’t make immediate sense became clear some days later.  She said that Rowie was hopping around on his right foot saying ‘Oww’ loudly and pointing at his left foot!  I immediate went cold.  I thought that perhaps this was some injury suffered through the accident. Lynn said that this was definitely not the case because ‘he is laughing as he does it’!  I was baffled – couldn’t think of what this might mean.  Some days later it all became very clear.  The last game of cricket he played (a little less than a week before he died) was at Milton.  He was fielding; very disgruntled at having to play anyway; worried that he would be late home for a date with Jess. Grumpy would describe his state of mind!  He told me the story as we drove home.  He was fielding deep and a ball came hurtling towards him on the ground.  His brain went into overdrive! ‘If I throw myself on top of it, that will hurt me big time’ he thought.  So instead he stuck his left foot out to stop it!  Time for big regrets.  This proved to be an extremely painful and decidedly bad decision!  So, it suddenly became clear why he was hopping around, pointing at his left foot and making a huge fuss for Lynn!

Today was the inaugural game for the Rowan Parker Memorial Trophy.  Along with Francis were some good mates of Rowies; Quinten, Jeremy, Tyler, Vano, Jamie and, of course, Jim Young. You guys played a stormer!  Well done.  First round to Owaka.