Your mission, if you choose to accept it…….

by dahl2013

Life purpose – something talked about a lot in the books I have read..  I have certainly learned some life-lessons from our experience over the last 11 months; but life purpose?  Ascended Master, Almora said that I had been a healer in many previous lives; he said that on numerous occasions I had been persecuted as such (perhaps the term ‘witch’ may have applied to me in previous lives)!  He said that this previous persecution may be partially blocking my profoundly clairvoyant talents.  Since my visit with him I have certainly managed to clear some of this blocking with Jodie but I need to do some more work.  This takes me back to meditation.

I was talking to a friend about my frustration with my inability to concentrate long enough to have a good meditation session.  She surprised me by saying that the small school where she is a ‘teacher-aid’ start their new entrants, aged five, with basic meditation practice every morning!  Wow – this is tremendous news.  If only all schools were to include this in their curriculum the world would start turning itself around rapidly – within one generation!  Why aren’t there more facilities that teach meditation?

As I have said previously, all this hitherto ‘mumbo-jumbo’ stuff about crystals, energy healing, astral travel, Blessings, was certainly not part of my early life. My visit to San Francisco threw me into this strange world head first….people talking to their crystals; Angels appearing with messages; chakras being cleared; affirmations; gratitudes; past-life issues; awakening of psychic senses; spiritual gifts………

My mission, if I choose to accept it, is to go back to New Zealand with these wonderful gifts and propound their efficacy to the beautiful, salt of the earth people in South Otago and beyond.  These beautiful, salt of the earth people, like me in the beginning, are highly unlikely to find this ethereal stuff believable!  If I accept this mission I must give twelve Wholeness Blessings within a three month period and begin utilising my Universal White Time Healing for the goodness of the community.

Well, who would have thought it!

As Jodie said, ‘the Universe won’t let you fail Sue’!  She was right.

Thank you Owaka for supporting me and allowing me to complete the first part of my mission with two days to spare (and thank you Francis and Maree for being so proactive)!