by dahl2013

A theme that seems to crop up over and over again in my reading material is that Heaven, God, the Angels have an underlying reason for giving someone a near death experience; a spiritual encounter; a hideously painful occurrence of loss, usually a child.  Most people affected by these phenomena seem to find that they are encouraged or stimulated to write or talk about their experience.  I was asked to write about my journey through grief, my thoughts and discoveries, by Jodie via her team of Angels. They felt that doing this would give me and my family some sort of comfort.  They also felt I along with Rowie, might be able to provide some sort of comfort for those people who might suffer a similar loss as other books I have read have done for me.

I guess that the reflections of someone who has experienced these occurrences or incidents can give a first-hand description of the emotions, state of mind, reactions, considerations and sentiments that follow on from the incident.  It is only when you face this life-changing event do you actually start to properly address your thoughts about spirituality, death and the afterlife.  The alternative path to wanting to discover your life mission or soul purpose can lead to self-destruction; drink, drugs and bitterness – very understandable.

It seems that there are an increasing amount of people who have had a significant spiritual experience that has become a life-changing event.  Spiritually transformational experiences are happening to people throughout the world; it seems to me more than at any other time in history.  These experiences are being related through various means; books, television, blogs etc.

One book ‘My Journey to Heaven’ by Marvin J Besteman was fascinating.  He had a near death experience, was reunited with loved ones, saw Angels and had a conversation with Peter at Heaven’s gate.  He promised himself when he returned from this experience that no one would ever know what had happened to him.  He knew it was true and that it hadn’t been a dream or a hallucination.  He just felt that others would question his sanity if he told them.  Also, he would have found it terribly difficult to tell his wife that he had begged to be allowed to stay up there instead of returning to his earth body and her!  He eventually got a kick in the pants by God who wanted him to tell others about Heaven.  He didn’t want to push his luck so started to share his story with grief groups, church groups and individuals who asked.  The day after he finished writing his book and before it was published he died; was granted his wish and returned to Heaven.

I believe wholeheartedly that the earth’s vibration is changing and that something wonderful will manifest out of these changes.  I remain confused about just quite what!

It’s certainly proving to be an interesting journey though…..