by dahl2013

‘Our God is a rebel’.  I learned this at my Universal White Time Healing tutorial in San Francisco.  He gave us free-will; something other universes don’t have.  The sadness is that I think we have abused this free-will.  Take a look at all the fighting that has plagued the earth for centuries – such a large part of it caused by religion.  Is it any wonder that large numbers of people are turning away from the churches; no longer believing in any form of Deity, Creator, Source etc.  Could it be that these Churches have altered the scriptures over the years to suit their own needs; to line their own pockets, to become stronger and more powerful?  I find it very difficult to believe that a God as forgiving and loving as the original conception and perception would breath fire and brimstone on his own creations for minor, or even major transgressions.  At great risk of being chastised for my views, has anyone else noticed the religious channels on TV – how they are constantly asking for money.  In America you can even buy atonements or penances!  I looked up ‘atonement’.  Atonement – a way of making amends, to repair a wrong-doing, to seek forgiveness for a wrong-doing, to remove sin!  They say that atonement can only come from God; how can these TV channels sell these God-given atonements?  It’s a little like a confession.  As a child I could never quite understand how someone could commit a sin, confess, say a few prayers and be granted a clean slate again by a mere mortal.  We used to look at the children from the religious school down the road from our school with suspicion – what made them so different from us?  Religious sects have used fear of the unknown to control people and develop hugely powerful organisations for centuries.

There are an enormous amount of people looking for hope and salvation (all of us if we were to be honest) and these organisations gain from our fears.

I never gave much thought to spiritual things like this before Rowan died.  I merrily got up every morning, lived for the moment and went to bed at night without giving the future much of a consideration.  I think we reared the boys well enough; we didn’t fill their heads with religion but we certainly taught them right from wrong.  We taught them about honesty and how to ‘live with themselves’ in an harmonious way.  Both Francis and Rowan wouldn’t deliberately hurt anyone; they may grumble and complain about certain people and situations but at the end of the day they wouldn’t cause premeditated sorrow or heartache to anyone.  In this respect I think we did a reasonable job as parents. 

I think salvation comes from within ourselves; again harping back to His Holiness the Dalai Lama; love, compassion, forgiveness.  If we can live our lives by adhering to these three simple words I think that this might well be our salvation.  That little inner voice we all hear when we are about to do something or say something hurtful or cruel or dishonest; cancel, clear, delete!  Think about it.  Does this come from a place of love, compassion or forgiveness?  If not, do yourself a favour and ditch it!  Trust in that inner voice, consciousness, because I think that this might well be our fast route to Heaven! 

‘Teach only love’.