by dahl2013

Pop was a veterinary surgeon; Mum was a physiotherapist.  Mum always said that the only reason Pop married her was so that she could heal him after his weekly rugby bashing!  I am sure that he found many other attractive qualities in her but I equally share her opinion that her healing skills also played a part.  My uncle was a doctor (GP) and a couple of half cousins were also medically orientated; one a surgeon, the other a GP.  During my early life I was surrounded by people actively involved in the medical profession in one way or another.  This did not stop me having my dreams!


I remember, as a tiny child, thinking that I could heal people – perhaps understandably when you look at my immediate family; but my sort of healing was not quite like theirs.  I would see someone in pain and I would put my hands on them, concentrating real hard and hoping that the willpower I channelled would manifest in healing whatever their problem was. 

There was an old guy who used to work in a shed on the farm where we lived – he was a stonemason – Jack (John) Oats.  He worked at his stonemasonry there rent-free but helped Pop on large animal visits and helped with the kennels that we also operated.  He was delightful; small and as round as a barrel with a jolly laugh that would rival any Santa (just being seasonal here)!  An occupational hazard of stonemasonry is digits that receive an accidental hammering now and again.  I used to spend many fun hours in the old stone shed with Mr Oats.  He allowed me to paint pictures on the walls of the shed and we used to say that in thousands of years people would see them and that they would become hugely important – in a museum somewhere!  Whenever Mr Oats hammered his finger or thumb I would leap in with my “healing powers” and cure the bloodiest of appendages!  He always said how much better he felt afterwards……I was always overjoyed……I never questioned the honesty of his appreciation!

I used to heal Pop. I used to heal Mum (she was prone to bleeding noses – hindsight whispers blood pressure).  I used to heal myself.  For anyone who knew me in my early days, they will remember that I was prone to what we as a family used to call “swelly belly” – many years later diagnosed as hiatus hernia.  Whenever I felt an attack coming on I used to imagine my hands carrying an intense heat – a heat that I used to place on the ‘sore bit’!  I quite honestly cannot remember whether this healing worked or it didn’t.

The strange thing about this story is, that since Rowan died and since this journey began for me, I have been told by every medium and every psychic I have seen that I am a healer, both historically in many past lives, and now.  I was persecuted in previous lives; may even have been burned as a witch.  I woke up in the middle of the night with this epiphany!  These memories have been long forgotten and I have only just realised the possible implications of these ‘coincidences’.

Maybe, just maybe I was a healer in past lives.  Maybe, just maybe as a child I had a vague memory of this past healing ability.  Maybe, just maybe this new healing I have been offered by the Universe – Universal White Time Healing, is a step back into the healing vocation.  Maybe it is what it is.