by dahl2013

How simple is that?

These three little words cost absolutely nothing but these three little words vastly enrich the world.

When did you last tell someone that you love them?  Do you just take it for granted that they know?

I have kept Rowie’s text messages on my phone – even got Telecom to spend ages sorting out how to keep them when I changed my phone mid-year!  On the 24th December 2012 he sent me a text from the garden saying “we love you”!  He and Jess had been lying in the sun and, as Rowie often did, he got the urge to tell me he loved me!  How cool is that?  The surge of soul energy that I feel every time I read this is incredible.  There are also other “I love you” and “I miss you” messages dotted all over that I can look back on with a smile (or a tear) depending how soppy I am feeling!

I had lunch with an awesome friend and her wee cherub on Friday.  As we parted she gave me a great big hug and said “I love you”.  Along with the tears came a huge rush of energy deep inside of me – soul strengthened, invigorated, uplifted.  I had, quite frankly, been feeling very unloved when this came along – thank you Sara; I love you too XX.

When we are young is it easier to love and feel loved?  Is it easier to say those three words?  I’m not sure.  There are so many kinds of love but they are love nonetheless; the unconditional love that mums have for their babies; the excitement of young lovers’ love; the comfort of ‘been married for ever’ love; child love for their nurturers; brother/sisterly love; best friend’s forever love; love for animals; love for humanity; love for God; the list goes on.  How many times in a day do we tell people, animals etc that we love them?

As Rowie was leaving the house on 26th December 2012 he gave me the usual ‘Rowie hug’ and said “I love you”.  I said “love you too”, “stay in touch”.   He said “I can’t stay in touch, there’s no reception down there but I’ll text you when we come back in range”.

I am so grateful that we took the time to hug and say those three words.  As he left this world and moved on he knew and still knows that I love him.

There are many people in this world who have no-one to tell them that they are loved.  I find this heart breaking.  I’m not advocating that we all go around telling strangers that we love them!  Try smiling at the lady behind you in the supermarket queue; say ‘hi’ to the old guy walking towards you down the street.  Lend a helping hand when you see someone struggling; open a door for someone; say ‘thank you’ loud enough to be heard!  You may give them the surge of soul energy that they are crying out for.

Rowan and I are a pair of softies.  Rowie spoiled me; I miss being told ‘I love you’ as regularly as he told me!  Don’t leave it until it’s too late to tell those you care about that you love them.  Make sure you do it every day – ten times a day if you can!  Just by telling your loved ones this makes the energy shift palpable – in yourself and the world.

Well, there’s a New Year’s resolution for you (and not half as painful as the deprivation ones we usually set ourselves)!

Teach only love XX