by dahl2013

Well here we are, 2014!

We have completed all the “firsts” and speaking personally, I feel a whole lot better for it.  I am not saying that it has suddenly become easier to bear the loss of Rowie; I just seem to feel more positive; I feel more empowered; I feel that there is life after Rowie and he would be furious with me if I didn’t accept that fact. This won’t stop me talking to him every day; it won’t stop me crying when I want to; it won’t stop me saying ‘good morning’ to the ‘Big Rowie’ picture every morning and giving his hand a kiss and it won’t stop me saying ‘good night’ to the ‘Big Rowie’ picture every night and giving his hand a kiss – routine, ceremony, something I need to do………but it will allow me to allow him to get on with his spiritual journey and it will allow room in my head for the continued learning I need to do this year.

I am starting 2014 without expectations.  2013 was the start of my awakened spiritual journey.  Last year I expected to gain results immediately without putting in the hard yards and to a certain extent this leads to disappointment.  I started thinking that I hadn’t travelled as far as I had intended or wanted when I started this journey.  I now realise that this is ridiculous!  I have travelled an enormous distance and have gained immeasurable enlightenment and guidance from some wonderful sources.  I think that if I start this year with expectations I cannot be fully open to learning and embracing my future path.  I acknowledge that deep inside me there are memories that I have long buried which need to be analysed and then released so that I can move on with my soul journey.

My intention this year is to begin to understand my potential; to develop courage, strength and vision; to develop my intuition and my healing skills; to perhaps help others along the way with my ramblings!  If Rowie chooses to join me on this part of my journey, I am open to receive his love, support and encouragement.  Jodie will be part of my journey this year as will Jose.  Another visit to San Francisco might be necessary……..or they could come here and you could all benefit from their love, knowledge and understanding – there’s positive thinking for you!

I begin the year by studying empowerment.  I will study the psychology behind positive thinking.  Instead of turning a blind eye to things that I don’t want to face because I hate disharmony, I am going to ask questions; I am going to learn to confront issues that may inhibit my spiritual development.

Wish me luck.