by dahl2013

Jodie suggested I should try to put down on paper the things I have learned so far on this journey – as a bench mark I guess for 2014.

I have travelled a huge distance over the last 12 months – both physically and mentally.  I would never have thought of attempting to get in touch with my inner self if it hadn’t been for the devastating death of Rowan.  I have learned a lot but I have also failed in many attempted things.

I guess the first thing I have learned is not to reflect on failures or what I perceive as failures but rather ponder on my successes.  Ups and downs are a part of the master plan drawn up by you and the Universe before incarnation.  It is through mistakes and heartaches that we learn – and they lead us to our most amazing discoveries.  Hand in hand with this statement we must add self-love.  I know this sounds self-serving; gross even but the fact of the matter is that until we can learn to like, even love ourselves, we are going to find it very difficult to love others unconditionally.

One of my first realisations was that coincidences do not exist.  I have looked long and hard at these small happenings we call ‘coincidences’; trying in my own mind to measure probability of this series of occurrences against caused happenings. I came to the conclusion that there have been far too many of these episodes to be anything other than ‘caused’ events; so I wipe the word ‘coincidence’ from my dictionary!

I am now deeply aware that there is life after death – I have no doubts about that whatsoever.  Having come to this realisation I now find myself in the enviable position of having no fear of death. Of course I fear pain; I loathe the thought of having a debilitating, terminal illness – but I do not fear death itself.

I believe in The Source, God, Our Creator.  I believe in Archangels.  I believe in Angels.  I believe in Ascended Masters.  I believe in The Arcturians who teach that the most fundamental ingredient for living in the fifth dimension is love.  Negativity, fear and guilt must be overcome and exchanged for love and light.

I know that the Archangels are charged with ensuring that we are all supported in our life lessons.  They cannot interfere unless asked but they are there; waiting to be asked.  Invite them in to you lives.  Their guidance reassures, renews and uplifts us.

We are energy beings.  We can harness our energies to turn our lives around by using positive thoughts and actions.  The gratitude game I was taught to play by Jodie is an amazing tool to work with when you want to change these energies rather than allowing the negative energies around you to take charge.

I have learned that I have a natural intuition which enables me to sense what is going on with others on an emotional level.  I have known this at some level for many years but I have only just accepted this fully and I want to develop this gift further.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama taught me that love, compassion and forgiveness is the secret to a happy life.  I believe this fully and try to practise this philosophy daily (although I sometimes struggle) – but I am not going to reflect on my failures!

Crystals amaze me!  I have learned to use them to have lucid dreams with perfect recall.  I am learning to use them to enhance my energy healing gifts.  Who would have thought a rock could carry so much energy!  I have learned to channel the original sun’s White Time Ray to enable healing – a gift brought back from California.  This energy healing is exceptional.  I have been given the Wholeness Blessing and have been given the gift of passing this Blessing on to others, one heart at a time, a gift brought forward directly from the Archangelic Realm.

On a more personal note, I have spent time with people who can see and talk to our dead son.  They have proven beyond any doubt that they can see Rowan and hear him.  Lynn managed to speak to him very soon after he passed.  The messages she gave to us were only known by Rowan and his closest family.  There was no charge for her service.  She was no fraud.  Kelvin has proven himself time and time again.  He didn’t need to prove himself with me.  He saw my mum and he saw Rowan.  Almora, Ascended Master did not speak directly with Rowan but he told me of his healing and described the place of healing.  Jose, bless his heart, was gifted closure by Rowan and they will never forget each other. 

Jodie; what can I say?  Jodie reappeared in my life when I needed her the most.  Rowan found her and asked her to help.  Between us, and with the help of Jodie’s team, we achieved miracles.  She is no charlatan; she is no liar; she is a gentle, warm, loving, vibrant, beautiful soul with a heart warm enough to melt the thickest ice.  She is a gift from Heaven.  She also tells me that I make amazing curries – what a perceptive soul she is!!

Wow – 2013 was an amazing year.

I only hope that 2014 is just as rewarding.