by dahl2013

I am beginning to believe in using the power of the mind to direct the course of my life; a prospect I would have laughed at a year ago.

I’ve talked about love before.  Rowie was one of the most loving people it has ever been my joy and delight to meet.  He lived from and within his heart centre.  This allowed him to ‘sense’ other people and live comfortably within his own skin – something I am now attempting to do myself!  I think that if I can rely on my heart centre and allow all provocations and irritations to wash over me, then I might just begin to live from the same place as Rowie.  That little inner voice of mine that babbles away about injustice, unfairness, prejudice and discrimination somehow needs to be quietened!  As those of you who know me well will agree, I have never found it easy to keep quiet when I perceive something to be unjust or deceitful!

I need to be constantly aware of my words.  If I inadvertently criticise or rebuke someone I have learned to sweep it away with a quick ‘cancel, clear, delete’ muttered under my breath.  Stray and unconscious criticism can bring unfortunate manifestations!  Unfortunately thoughts can be just as mischievous and maligning as the spoken word.  I am so intent on trying to purify my thoughts and deeds that I sat bolt upright in bed the other night, like a woman possessed, making frantic sweeping movements with my hand and muttering ‘cancel, clear, delete’ in a feverish, fervent fashion!  Thoughts tend to precede your words and can ultimately equally manifest!  I am sure that even my botched attempts at living within my heart centre have to gain some sort of respect and admiration from on high – at least I am making an effort!

Love is a natural state of being.  Love is life-sustaining.  When love is the biggest energy in your life then fear disappears.  I think that fear is created when there is an absence of love.  If we can fill our hearts with love it radiates outwards to people that we meet.  It not only changes the way we view the people in our lives but it changes the way they feel about us.  This love helps us handle everyday challenges and helps us grab opportunities that we might miss if we are sitting in a grumpy, lower energy.  The more joy and love we can find in what we are doing, the smoother life seems to get.

Mirror work!  This was a concept explained to me by Jenny Bell in San Francisco last year when I visited Jodie.  She told me that every time she looks in the mirror she says ‘I love you Jenny’!  She looks in a full-length mirror and says ‘hey there you beautiful thing 🙂 , what an amazing body!  You have done so well for me these past 60 years’!  She told me that since she had begun this little ritual she had lost an enormous amount of weight and was feeling and looking so much healthier.  Basically she was saying ‘see the beauty of who you are and who you are becoming’.  ‘Let your originality and ingenuity be your strength’.  Step out of your mould.  Look at yourself and see yourself as your best friend would see you.  Love yourself with compassion and understanding.  Have the courage to make life changes that will help you be more comfortable in your own skin.

This leads me to ask you a favour.  I am going to try the Mirror Work concept and I would love you to try it too.  I am going to try this for 30 days.  I am going to do this consistently.  Every time I come into contact with a mirror; washing my face, brushing my teeth, driving the car, trying on clothes, I am going to say ‘I love you Sue’.  The thought makes me feel awkward; uncomfortable but I guess it is another way of learning to love and I am interested to see if my life changes in any way.  If you do give it a try please post comments on your results.

Well Rowie, I bet you’re holding your sides laughing at me now XXX