by dahl2013

When we lost Rowan in that tragic accident on Boxing Day 2012 I had little idea of what was out there in the ether for me to play with!

I started by reading and when I became a little more aware of ways to extend my enlightenment I tried so very many things.

My first foray into the spiritual world involved me trying to strike up a relationship with a pendulum!  I read that not every crystal would resonate with me so a tried a number.  I tried amethyst; I tried rose quartz; I tried moonstone.  The only pendulum that vibrated for me was one made from malachite – a beautiful green stone (anyone who knows my love of green could have predicted this) – not me though!  Money no object – HA!!  It took me a while to hit on my ideal.  I only had a vague knowledge of pendulums; the most prominent piece of information I had hidden away in my mind being that they could divulge the sex of an unborn baby!  I bought books all about how to use a pendulum.  I started my investigations in an extremely sceptical manner!  The first thing to resonate with me was the fact that the malachite pendulum did actually resonate!  I would sit with my elbow on the table dangling my pendulum from my thumb and index finger.  All the other pendulums I tried hung there motionless!  When I picked up the malachite and allowed it to hang there suspended between my thumb and index finger it began to vibrate.  This wasn’t a ‘slight’ vibration; it was an excited jiggling that turned into a circular, swaying motion that grew higher and higher until it was moving around in a wide circle.  As far as I am aware I was not making this crystal behave in such a way; it was taking on an energy all of its own.  My imagination couldn’t really see any further than asking it ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ questions.  I asked it to show me a ‘Yes’ and it swung forwards and backwards.  I asked it to show me a ‘No’ and it moved sideways!  I thought this was awesome!  I had some success with it and there were occasions when I felt Rowan was guiding the pendulum.  I asked questions that he knew the answer to but I was sorely limited to ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ answers and frustrated in a very short time.

My experience with crystal pendulums opened my mind a little to the fact that crystals may well have an inner energy built into them.  When I went to San Francisco and spent time with Jodie (please read earlier posts), this belief was etched further into my mind.  I experienced an amazing feeling when I casually picked up a large piece of selenite that Jodie had been showing her dinner guests.  I felt as if I had smoked a rather large joint – suspended in a sort of bubble!  When I exclaimed this to those present they all laughed at my amazement – unlike me they were all well aware of crystal energies.

I returned home and thus started my total fixation with crystals.  EBay became my friend.  I looked up categories in my newly purchased Crystal Bible 1 and Crystal Bible 2; categories like ‘Astral Travel’ and ‘Lucid Dreaming’ and ‘Dream Recall’ and ‘High Energy Crystals’!  I bought these crystals one by one by one – money no object – HA!!  I have had some awesome results with my crystals though.  I would definitely say ‘money well spent’.  If I want to have ‘lucid dreams’ and ‘dream recall’ I put a selection of crystals into a wee gauze bag and take the bag to bed with me at night!  I don’t ever stop and think that perhaps the clattering of these stones every time a turn over might, just might, disturb Chris’ sleep!  For those of you that have watched ‘Miranda’ and have heard about her ‘breast clap’; I stick my wee bag between my boobs and as I turn we don’t only have the ‘breast clap’ we have the ‘crystal clatter’ too!  I have had some awesome encounters with Rowan by using these crystal compilations though; encounters where we have talked and I have remembered on waking – awe-inspiring!

I have tried every method under the sun to meditate.  I have tried Angel guided meditations; the Silva Life System; the Higher Balance Institute; the Hypnosis Network; and any number of other guided meditations – and have had little success with any of these.  I may have made headway with one or two techniques but it has always felt like I’ve taken 3 steps forward and two back.  Perhaps my problem is that I don’t actually ‘know’ what it feels like to be in a meditative state.  Perhaps if I did I would find that I have actually managed it with all the systems!  Money no object – HA!!

Along the way I have met some incredible people and I have been gifted some special abilities.  I brought back The Wholeness Blessing from the United States with me; a Blessing gifted to Joe Crane by Archangel Michael.  This Blessing had a profound effect on me and I can pass it on to others.  I was gifted the energy healing modality of Universal White Time Healing through Jose Sanchez; something I couldn’t possibly of grasped mentally and emotionally until I saw how well it worked.  Every time I use this healing on people I retain a little of the energy for myself.  It is an awesome energy.

My new fascination is known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or Tapping.  On 24th February 2014 the 10 day 6th Tapping World Summit commences.  You can register for this Summit free of charge and experience first-hand the benefits that ‘Tapping’ can give you.  I have registered and I can’t wait!  I have spent some time looking at the www.thetappingsolution.com website and I have done a little tapping myself.  I have already managed to rid myself of some pain issues around my pelvis (no doubt caused by too much sitting at my computer surveying the contents of the ether)!

Tapping has been called ‘acupressure for the emotions’.  It is, like my affirmation expedition, a self-empowering tool.  It can help you overcome fear, phobias, pain, guilt, anger, stress, anxiety to name but a few and is excellent in helping to clear any old fear patterns and resentment issues you may have enabling you to forgive and forget.  I intend to try this ‘Tapping’ on my phobia about spiders – watch this space!

Tapping uses meridian points on the body that ancient Eastern acupuncture therapists have used for centuries and makes enormous sense to me.  How about giving it a try? I don’t think Rowan is laughing at me when I consider this modality!

A book written by Nick Ortner, co-host of the Summit explaining the Tapping procedure can be found under My Choices at my website, http://www.spiritualus.com