by dahl2013

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is perhaps the most famous modern advocate for this statement.  I have actually only just started reading this book although I have had it for some months now.

During the last fourteen months I have read this proclamation over and over and over again.  It is only now beginning to make sense to me.

I’ve always thought of people as either being ‘lucky’ or ‘unlucky’.  I remember my mother saying to my father ‘how come they always manage to come up smelling of roses’?  This seemed a strange thing for someone to say in my childish mind.  I have, myself, said this many times in my mature state; basically sticking out my bottom lip in a juvenile sulk!

As I have said many times in this blog, my initial intention was to be able to contact Rowan directly instead of through mediums and other channels.  I have been told many times that I am profoundly clairvoyant.  The reasons for not being able to tap into this clairvoyance are not fully understood by me or those who have faith in my abilities, but they are usually put down to some sort of emotional block that I need to clear.  This I can understand.  I have spent many, many years in a place that doesn’t really accept spirituality as a way of life and although I am now totally accepting, there may well be parts of my subconscious that are truly stuck in the old ways.

Rowan was very spiritual.  He exuded spirituality in his everyday practices, beliefs, attitudes and philosophies.  He didn’t ram these beliefs down people’s throats but he certainly lived his life, to the best of his sixteen year olds ability, within these principles.  He was fascinated with the Samurai Code of Honour and had tried to live within those values (strength, respect, loyalty and honour unto death) since he was around twelve.

Every thought that we allow into our head is creating our future.  This takes us back to the ‘affirmation’ game and the ‘gratitude’ game that we have played en route!  We can take that a step further and say ‘we create every illness in our body’.  Resentment, anger, critical behaviour and guilt can be hugely damaging to the subconscious.  This is because these feelings make us dislike ourselves; they encourage self-loathing and misery, a feeling of ‘not being good enough’ and that is when illness find it easy to creep in.  That is when we allow sickness to enter our bodies unconsciously.

We need to try to release our resentment.  We need to work hard at releasing past anger and invite forgiveness into our lives.  This, of course, goes back to my hero, His Holiness The Dalai Lama’s recipe for happiness; love, compassion and forgiveness!  We need to be able to love ourselves.  I have to admit that my experiment of looking in the mirror every day and saying ‘I love you’ didn’t really give me the shift I was hoping for!  I never quite got over the embarrassment of saying this out loud and more often than not muttered unkind things to myself afterwards as I walked away from the mirror!  Having said that I think self-love is important and something I am going to have to keep working at.  Self-approval and self-acceptance are the keys to positive changes in our lives.  If I can begin to love myself that is when I hope things will begin to change for the better.

So, if this is correct, our subconscious mind agrees with whatever we choose to believe.  Whatever we choose to think about ourselves and about our lives become true.  The beauty of this is that we have unlimited choices about what we want to think – our Creator gave us freedom of choice!  If we choose to think that the world is conspiring against us then it probably will.  If we choose to think that the world is a wonderful place and that we are surrounded by helpful, loving people then, odds are, we will find this to be the case.

All the events that we have experienced so far in our lives have been created by the thoughts and beliefs that we were brought up with.  These events were created by the thoughts and words that we had and said over the last however many years we have been alive.  That is our past.  Any thoughts and beliefs we create from now on are our future – so life isn’t hopeless. Our power is in the present moment and that is what will manifest our tomorrow, our next week, our next month, our next year.

Just take a note of your thoughts as you have just finished reading this – are they positive or negative?  Do you want this thought to have the potential to create your future……..?  If not, change it because you can!