by dahl2013

Still juggling the hot potato – negative and positive thoughts; cancel, clear, delete all bad thoughts that come into my head.  As I said a wee while ago, things became so bad a couple of months ago that I woke myself up in the middle of the night ‘sweeping’ away my negative thoughts and shouting ‘cancel, clear, delete’!  What a dream that must have been!  How sad is that?


What actually is the point of harbouring bad thoughts about other people?  I love the saying ‘bearing a grudge is like letting someone live in your head rent free’!

It has taken me nearly fifty eight years to actually realise something hugely important!  I can’t harm other people with my thoughts.  However bitter and angry I am about something or someone, thinking angry, wrathful, miserable, manic thoughts and gnashing my teeth doesn’t do my ‘enemy’ any damage whatsoever – it only causes harm to me and doesn’t change a thing…………  Or does it change something?  Perhaps it changes what I draw to myself.  Perhaps it brings more of the same; perhaps it brings me more reasons and more people to be indignant and irate about. If the law of attraction is to be believed then that is the case.  And really at the end of the day do I actually wish harm on these people – I think not.

When a situation occurs and I say to myself ‘bloody hell, not again – why me; why do things always go wrong in my life?’  Perhaps these things happen to me because I have sent out the message to the Universe that ‘things always go wrong’ in my life so they do!

I got up yesterday morning after completing a 15 minute meditation (be suitably impressed please) and started running the shower.  When I hopped in it was, to my utter horror, cool-ish, bordering on cold!  For one tiny moment the thought entered my head ‘oh no, what’s happened now?  How much is this going to cost…?’ and I stopped myself.  I stood there in the cool drizzle and said out loud ‘awesome, haven’t seen Kelly (our electrician) in ages.  It will be great to catch up with him again’!  By the time I clambered out I was feeling positively chipper albeit a little shivery and I had a great day!

I needed to find a happy thought as I said in my last post; something that I can use to shift my mood if I feel down.  Just one happy thought might not be enough though; I need a bank of them that I can access so that if the first doesn’t work I can move on to the next and so on.  My first happy thought was of that road trip down The Catlins coast with Rowie; an awesome day but not necessarily something that will revive me instantly, especially if I am down because I am missing him.

Music.  I have always enjoyed music.  I enjoy a huge range of music.  Perhaps I can tap into this when I’m feeling down.  I’m thinking that something I can sing along to might lift my spirits – another mood shifter.

I have some awesome photographs of the three most important people in my life.  I use these to make me smile.


I have a secret weapon – well three actually.   They go by the names of Obi, Jaws and Yowling!  Animals are wonderful.  They are extremely sensitive and know when I am feeling down.  They pick me up from the deepest misery.  I feel a huge amount of love for them and they repay me by being my devoted and acquiescent companions.  Rowan used to pick his cat up and declare ‘Long-Cat Yowling’ as he held him out in front of him with a hand just behind the cat’s front legs and another hand just in front of his back legs!  Yowling knew this was an expression of love and he would pad the air with his front feet in ecstasy!  This is a memory that makes me smile every time.

When I am feeling love for my three stunning men or my fine-looking furry babies the Universe is delighted with me and if the law of attraction exists then guess who is going to feel the benefits.  The greater the love I feel the more positive energy is going to head back to me.

I was only saying to Chris this afternoon that Rowan was a positive ‘joy germ’!  He infected everyone with his ‘joy germs’ and I would love to be able to do that too.

I hope that this subject doesn’t bore you but I am finding it fascinating and will keep you up-to-date just in case you too want to have a go at changing your reality.