by dahl2013

I would like to change the word ‘Monday’ to ‘Awesomenessday’!! 

I am thinking that if we wake up on ‘Awesomenessday’ and say to ourselves (or out loud and proud) ‘Wow, it’s Awesomenessday – the start of an awesome week.  Today is going to be amazing.  The coffee is going to taste better than ever; I’m going to have an amazing journey to work – I’m going to see someone or something that makes me laugh on the way.  My work mates will have had an amazing weekend and will be really happy and……….etc.’ or ‘the kids will be really happy today; they are looking forward to having an awesome day; I’ll get everything accomplished today in double-quick time so that I can spend time with them when they come home…..etc’!  I wonder if the hideous archetype Monday would turn into this ‘awesome’ day?

My loathing of Monday always starts on Sunday! 

Friday night and Saturday – party central – woohoo – two days off!  Sunday dawns with a little hint of excitement – ‘phew, no work today….’ swiftly followed by a sinking feeling, ‘bugger – Monday tomorrow’!  and along with this comes the endless list of ‘things to do’ before Monday morning dawns.  So this is an even worse state of affairs!  Not only do I loathe Mondays but my disgruntlement has infected Sundays too!

There are two things intrinsically wrong with this scenario.

Firstly, the ‘phew, no work today….’ statement!  How sad is it that we spend such a large amount of time doing something we really don’t enjoy!  (for those people who do enjoy their work, you are so incredibly lucky)!  Secondly, ‘bugger – Monday tomorrow’! – what a shame Monday carries such a stigma with it!  I wonder if ‘Awesomenessday’ will convey the same ignominy.


I could always head back to ‘Reality can be Changed’ and suggest you manifest a job that you are going to enjoy and want to get up for; or take it a step further and suggest you manifest the money enough not to have to work unless you want to – something The Secret by Rhonda Byrne suggests is entirely possible.

Alternatively we could change the reality of a Monday by renaming it Awesomenessday and expect it to be awesome from start to finish.  How simple is that!

I have been doing the following practice for a number of weeks now and it is making a huge difference to my days.

When I wake up in the morning I take the time to lie there and talk to Rowan.  I say ‘hi’ and ask him what he’s been up to.  I tell him how yesterday was for me.  I tell him about all the things I am grateful for.  I tell him how my day is going to unfold.  ‘Today’s going to be amazing Rowie.  I am going to do a 15 minute meditation and I am going to be awesome at it.   I am then going to leap out of bed and my joints won’t be stiff.  I am going to take your lead and be a ‘joy germ’ to everyone I meet.  I am going to bring some happiness to as many people as I can today and when I go to bed I am going to do another meditation with awesomeness! I am then going to ask you to come into my dreams and there you will be!’  

Way back at the beginning of our journey I talked about dream or reality.  I deliberated on the ‘dream’ or ‘visitation’ when Rowie came to me at night.  I felt, even shortly after he died, that I could tell the difference between a proper visit and a dream.  With the use of crystals for lucid dreaming and recall I now know categorically that there are occasions when Rowie does come to see me and I feel an incredible surge of energy and joy when this happens.  The days following a visit are awesomeness personified – even Mondays have a magical quality about them then!