by dahl2013

Anita Moorjani – if you haven’t yet come across her, Google her!  She wrote a book about her NDE (near death experience) called ‘Dying to be Me’.  What an awesome read; inspiring, moving and one of the most exciting books I have read recently.  She had been battling Lymphoma for four years and, as a Stage 4 cancer patient she lapsed into a coma and was rushed to hospital.  Her oncologist told her husband that he really needed to call the rest of the family to her bedside as quickly as possible because she was on the cusp of death.  As the doctors and her family discussed her condition and waited for the inevitable she watched and listened to them from a lofty place.  She returned to her body and the lemon-sized tumours she had throughout her lymphatic system had disappeared from her body and she was proven cancer-free within six weeks of this episode.  During this NDE she perceived that she needed to return to her earthly body because it was requisite that she shared her experience with other people.  She offers hope for those whose lives have been touched by cancer.

This has been the case in so many of the books I have read; a pressing need to share knowledge of the afterlife with others – to give them hope, to educate them, to help them make informed decisions about the way they choose to live their lives.

In the case of Marvin J. Besteman’s ‘My Journey to Heaven’ he was turned away at the gate and sent back to his earthly body again to retell his story of the afterlife.  He was embarrassed.  He didn’t want to come back here again because the glimpse he had been given was so awe-inspiring.  He dreaded trying to explain to his wife and family how it was that he really didn’t want to come back to them because the alternative was so awesome!  When he returned to his body he was disgruntled for a number of years; frustrated that he had knowledge that he couldn’t share because of the shame he felt.  He was eventually persuaded to tell his story through a ghost-writer.  The day after his book was published he died peacefully in his sleep – I guess he had fulfilled his life-purpose!

It always seems to be a major, life shattering event in someone’s life that triggers the need to learn.  I know without a doubt that it was the death of our precious son, Rowan, which set me on the path of discovery.  I would have happily bumbled along in the general direction of unawareness if I hadn’t been called upon to make some sort of sense of what appeared to be his appalling premature death.

My literary journey began with the factual Elisabeth Kübler-Ross MD, ‘On Death and Dying’.  I then honed in on as many Mediums as I could find; Kelvin Cruickshank, Alison DuBois, James van Praagh, Lisa Williams to name but a few.  I then started looking at Near Death Experiences and found some amazing stories written by doctors, surgeons, medics who had experienced this phenomena first hand.  Each genre provided me with a completely different but enlightening experience.

I have no first-hand experience of Heaven.  I have no first-hand experience of Archangels, Angels and Spirit-Guides.  But I believe in them all.  The beauty of my state of mind now is that I don’t need to search for proof – I know wholeheartedly that God, Goddess, the Source, the Creator exists.  I believe Rowan is with me every time I think of him.  I know that we will catch up one day soon and he will tell me all about his awesome life on the other side of the veil.  Love, gratitude and thankfulness are the routes to healing your heart and to happiness.