by dahl2013

The moment when someone leaves his or her body, the time of death, is obviously a very sad time for those of us who are left behind.  I wondered what Rowan had experienced.  As any mother would, I was scared that he had suffered; that he had been scared; that he was distressed.  Most parents spend their lives worrying about their off-spring and trying to protect them from any form of pain and suffering.  When a child dies suddenly due to an accident the immediate knee-jerk reaction is to blame your selves for not keeping them safe; for failing in your parental responsibilities and for letting them down so appallingly.

I have been told by several psychics that Rowan was taken from his body before he felt the true terror of his situation.  His guardian angels did an awesome job of taking him across the bridge from this world to the next where he was welcomed with open arms by his family and friends.  Even those who have no conscious memory of anyone who has passed are welcomed by warm, loving beings that show pure, unconditional love to the newly arrived spirit.

Sudden death can throw the newly arrived soul into a bit of a spin…….!  I believe that there is a place, a little like a hospital, where they go to heal.  It must be quite a shock for this soul who can see their loved ones grieving but are unable to put their arms around them and comfort them.  I was told that Rowan spent a wee while healing after his passing.  This would explain my visitation (in a dream) from him just after his accident.  He told me repeatedly that he wasn’t dead.  This was very distressing for me and him.  I have been told that he is now part of the welcoming committee for young ones who pass suddenly.  I can believe this – who better to help these young ones come to terms with their sudden transition?


I think we then go through a process of self-assessment.  We have our contracts that we drew up before incarnating and we judge whether in this lifetime we have learned what we contracted to learn.  I do not believe that God/our Creator/Source/Light, whatever designation you choose to give this power, is sat in judgement of us.   I believe we get to judge ourselves.  Have we grown?  Have we progressed?  Have we lived a compassionate life?  Have we hurt others?  Have we loved?  Have we helped others?  Have we learned the lessons we needed to learn in this incarnation?  I don’t think this judgement is there to send us to Heaven or to Hell – it is there to show us how our soul is progressing and to show us what we still need to learn in our next incarnations.

I’m not sure what place this bridge we cross leads to.  I know we are pure energy and when our bodies die our souls traverse this bridge into another plane – maybe it is the ‘astral plane’ we sometimes see in our sleeping state or maybe it is a parallel universe.

There are so many things that throw a spanner in the works when I am trying to make sense of my thoughts and conceptions.  Where do really bad people go?  I do not believe in Hell.  I think our God/Goddess/Source is too full of love to banish people to a grim, dark place like that.  Perhaps really bad people will have to learn extremely hard lessons in their next reincarnation.   Why do people incarnate with sicknesses?

I think the good news is that all of us get repeated chances to grow and evolve here on earth; not just in one life-time but again and again until we are pretty much perfect and get to stay up there forever if we want to!   I think we are a unique spirit; and every time we reincarnate whether as a male or female, we still possess that exclusive energy and vibration that makes us who we are.  Each member of our soul family will have their own distinctive energy or vibration as we get to live new lives over and over again in each other’s company.   I guess our soul is a bit like a book and each time we reincarnate, this adds another chapter to that book.   I think that’s where that ‘déjà vu’ feeling comes into play – we have memories at some level of past lives.  I think these memories can show up as fears or warnings.  Maybe the little child who is terrified of fire was burned to death in a previous life?   On the other hand maybe a husband and wife in one life could have been a wife and child in the next and best buddies after that – if the connection of love is strong this love can manifest over and over again – I like that thought tremendously!!!