by dahl2013


Life on earth is like a college or university for the development of our souls!  Once we graduate we get to move on to the next chapter or phase.  We are sort of imprisoned in our earthly body; it’s dense and slow moving (ha – some slower than others); an inhibiting but necessary vehicle to allow us to move around down here!  I think the key to happiness is to know and understand that life does continue after ‘death’.

I started this journey by reading lots of books written by mediums but my first sojourn to this topic started just after a got married.  I found an engaging old English lady called Doris Stokes (6 Jan 1920 – 8 May 1987) who was a medium and she had written a number of books; Voices in My Ear and More Voices in My Ear being the most famous.  Her stories fascinated me although I wasn’t wholly sure I believed what she was saying.

This time around I read books by Lisa Williams, James van Praagh, Kelvin Cruickshank and Allison DuBois – all well-known mediums/psychics and all well worth reading if you are looking for comfort, solace, reassurance.

I then progressed, as I have said before, to reading books by people who have undergone Near Death Episodes or Experiences (NDEs); authors like Eben Alexander MD, Richard Sigmund, Ned Dougherty, Mary C Neal, Marvin J Besteman and just recently, Anita Moorjani – all amazing reads and very powerful learning tools or security blankets if you are struggling with a recent loss or have deep-seated fears of death and dying.

The phenomena described by all these authors are very similar. They all explained that their spirit floated above the physical body as they reached the point of death.  They said that they were able to watch what was happening around the body – they observed the people trying to help them, the resuscitation attempts.  They could hear conversations that their family members and medical staff were having.  They could even see and hear people who were in other places, other countries even.  They could be in many places all at once.

I remember a good friend of ours many years ago describing something similar to us after he had a bad car accident.  He was travelling one of the narrow, stonewalled country roads in the Yorkshire Dales late at night.  He misjudged a corner and hit a wall at speed.  He was thrown from the car and landed in a field.  He remembers sitting with his back against the wall looking at his lifeless body lying a few feet away.  He sat there a wee while wondering if anyone would come to help him.  He then saw a car stop, two of the occupants got out whilst the other took the car off to a local farm to ring for an ambulance.  He saw the farm house and its occupants and he heard the conversation.  He watched as the two people with his body stood and stared at it.  He felt like shaking them –shouting at them ‘well do something then – don’t just stare at me’!  He was eventually picked up by ambulance and resuscitated but not before he was lead down the tunnel by hand and welcomed warmly by his grandparents.  He suffered a severe head injury and spent many months in rehabilitation.

I can’t pretend to know what happened to Rowie when he passed – this is something that I long to hear from him directly; something that I am working towards; one of the many, many questions I have lined up for him!  All I do know is that he was taken from his body before the point of fear.

People report a tunnel with a warm, beautiful, enticing light at the end of it.  Their souls appear to feel great warmth, love and peace as they approach the light.  This is why these NDE people don’t want to return to their bodies – they feel a sacred, blessed and loving vibration that is overwhelming.  They see family and friends who are already in spirit standing at the end of this tunnel.  They speak to them.  They see the most beautiful gardens with colours that are indescribable – vibrant and glowing.  Wow, who wouldn’t want to stay there!

I was privileged to take part in one of Kelvin Cruickshank’s workshops last year.  Towards the end of the workshop he took us all on a guided meditation to Heaven.  This was to enable us to meet loved ones who had passed.  He explained that we would all have different experiences.  One thing we all had in common was that we didn’t want to return from this journey!  I didn’t see things; I ‘sensed’ the trip.  I know that sounds strange – it is actually very hard to describe what happened.  He took us through a large wooden door into a garden and then on to a building at the far end of the garden.  We were taken into a hall with doors on either side where our loved ones waited for us.  I smelled my mother – she always wore Chanel No 5 and I distinctly smelled her; and I was hugged by Rowan – the definitive ‘Rowie’ hug – one that I could never mistake for anything else!  We were all in tears when we returned to the room!  One lady was ecstatic.  She said that she had seen that garden before!  Her father was a gardener before he passed and not long after he left her she had a visitation in a dream.  She met him in a beautiful garden with the most vibrant colours and a decorative fountain in the middle of a large lawn and he was wheeling a wheelbarrow!  When Kelvin took her on this trip to Heaven she saw the same beautiful and dazzling rose garden and fountain that she had seen previously.

NDE patients are told by their family and friends who greet them at the end of the tunnel that it is not yet their time to die at which point they return to their physical bodies.  Most tell of their terrible disappointment at not being allowed to stay in the other realm. They felt secure, loved, warm and peaceful.  This tells me that death isn’t terrible and frightening and something to be scared of – although the thought of separation from our earthly friends and family and missing out on life’s excitement may be a consideration I guess!

People who return after an NDE always change.  They seem to gain a sense of freedom because they have no fear of death any more.  The fear of dying and the unknown has gone.  They learn that they are ‘love’ and that their purpose in life is to learn and to grow – interesting stuff eh?