by dahl2013

You may wonder why I am so interested in Near Death Experiences (events that take place as a person is dying or is already clinically dead).

When Rowan died we were absolutely bereft.   Chris, Francis, Maree and I were left feeling hollow, empty, short of breath, sick to the stomach.  ‘He was the glue that held our family together’ said Francis of his little brother; and he was.  He was unique; very special to all of us.  He kept us all communicating with each other – he would pick up on any slight nuance of stress between us and heal it within seconds!  The thought of losing him forever just didn’t bear thinking about.  I felt that we could maybe gain some sort of comfort knowing that we would one day be able to see him again and to talk with him again.  When I say ‘knowing’ – I mean that I wanted absolute, concrete proof that there is an afterlife; that we will see him again. 

Mediums play a huge part in allowing us to believe that the soul or spirit does go on and I am hugely grateful to those that helped us with our journey.  They knew things that I know could only have come from Rowan. But, unfortunately, the latent scientist in me, the scientist that was born from a father who was a scientist and an atheist, needs more proof!

I have read a number of books on NDE’s but one particular book on research that was carried out on NDE’s fascinates me.  ‘Evidence of the Afterlife’ was written by Jeffrey Long MD., a Radiation Oncologist who was captivated by an article he read long before Near Death Experiences became well-reported.  He found this article in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and this proved to be the catalyst that lit the spark that saw him eventually start a website,  This website asks people who have experienced this phenomenon to retell their near death experiences without the fear of ridicule and derision that so many people have been treated to when they opened up to the medical profession previously.

To cut a long story short, he has provided me with the proof I needed that there is indeed an afterlife; life after death.  He talks about the nine lines of evidence that prove the existence of life after life.  Before I came across his book I had, myself come up with a few of these ‘lines of evidence’ insomuch as they increased my burgeoning belief of a continuation of our journey after our physical body had died.

How people described their NDEs :-

  • Heightened senses
  • Intense and positive feelings and emotions
  • Passing through a tunnel with a mystical light at the end
  • Meeting people in spirit form who had already died (usually familiar to them)
  • A life review
  • Seeing beautiful realms; gardens
  • Learning special knowledge
  • Encountering some sort of barrier

His nine lines of evidence are as follows:-

  1. It is impossible to have a conscious experience, one we can remember, at a time when we are clinically dead.
  2. People see and hear things whilst clinically dead.  They can relate conversations that went on in other rooms whilst they were in an unconscious, even clinically dead state.
  3. A large number of NDEs occur during general anaesthetic.  Whilst anaesthetised theoretically it should be completely impossible to have a lucid or clear experience.
  4. People who were born blind and whose understanding of the world is based totally on their other senses of hearing, touch, taste and smell actually describe seeing things during their NDE.
  5. Most NDE people describe a process they call a Life Review as having taken place.  These life reviews involve an accurate review of prior events in their lives, some of which had been forgotten until that point.
  6. Virtually all people encountered during the NDEs were deceased at the time of the NDE, and most were deceased relatives.  People encountered during dreams are much more likely to be living people.  Sometimes the person seen is unfamiliar but the person experiencing the NDE later discovers the identity of this person by looking at old family photographs.
  7. The similarity of NDEs experienced by very young children and by adults suggests strongly that the content of NDEs is not due to people’s existing beliefs.  Children younger than six have virtually the same components in their near-death experiences as adults do.  To me this is one of the strongest suggestions that near-death experiences are real and not dreams or fabrications.
  8. The consistency of NDEs around the world – every religion and culture experience the same pattern of events.
  9. People who experience NDEs always change after undergoing this phenomenon.  The study found consistent and long-lasting changes following NDEs.  People have a decreased fear of death and dying and an increased belief in the afterlife.  They tend to become more loving and compassionate in their interaction with other people.  Some also experienced an increase in their psychic awareness.

As I read these lines of evidence each one gave me hope that there is an afterlife.  When I had finished reading them all I couldn’t help but believe totally in the continuation of life after death.  The proof has been served and I know I will see Rowan again.