by dahl2013

If I go right back to the beginning of our journey, my whole intent was to be able to communicate directly with Rowan.  This was reliant on the probability that I could firstly convince myself that the presence of an afterlife; life after death, Heaven, Nirvana etc. existed.  I couldn’t understand why only some people could see and talk to ‘spirit’ and I felt hugely envious of those that could.

Seventeen months into this journey I believe wholeheartedly in an afterlife and I still, with enormous resolve, am convinced that I will be able to communicate directly with Rowie one day.

Kelvin Cruickshank told us at his workshop that we are all psychic and that we are all capable of seeing and communicating with spirit.  If a number of authors are to be believed, every one of us is psychic.  It’s just that some of us don’t recognise it and don’t learn to harness the power.  I have a set of Angel Therapy Oracle Cards.  There are forty four cards in the set.  Time and time again when I read the cards for myself two particular cards come up; ‘You are Profoundly Clairvoyant’ and ‘Mediumship’.  Not being a mathematician I cannot work out the odds on these cards coming up virtually every time I use them but I’m pretty sure it is quite a feat for these to turn up probably once in every two times I visit the cards.  The first card tells me to trust what I see in my mind’s eye as well as with my physical sight, for my spiritual vision helps me with healing, teaching and guidance.  The second card says that I have the natural ability to connect with departed loved ones and the Angels ask me to trust my feelings, thoughts, and visions about these spiritual connections because they are real.

Just recently I have been working on my intuitiveness again.  I have been trying to harness the power of my thoughts and I have been trying to use my five every-day senses  to heighten my sixth sense.  I think intuition is a gift of thought-power from the Universe.  It just pops into your head as opposed to being a conscious thought process.  I think the Universe helps us all in so many areas of our lives by just providing those thoughts – tipping us off if you like.

I don’t think the Universe is alone in tipping us off.  I think our loved ones also use the power of thought to influence us.  I can sometimes ask Rowie a question and feel that I get a reply.  He told me that a great friend of his would become head-girl and she did (I didn’t even know she was interviewing for this role).   I have occasionally seen him in the corner of my eye walk past the kitchen window.

Now, this is probably where I lose all credibility in everyone’s eyes.

I saw Rowie on Tuesday night.  I’m telling you this because I made a promise to myself and to Source that I would be completely truthful on this journey; that I would tell it as it happens.

I was sitting in the dining room watching television and Chris was sitting in the lounge watching something he had recorded.  I face the door where I sit and it was ajar but not fully open.  I was suddenly conscious of someone walking into the room and I looked up presuming to see Chris coming back in.  I saw Rowie walk in – he was serious and he was wearing dark clothing – and I am sure he was taller!  As he walked in he disappeared.  This gave me a huge jolt.  I asked out loud if it was really him and I had the most amazing goose-bumps travel down the right side of my body – goose-bumps like I have never felt before.  His tabby cat, Long Cat Yowling was sitting on the dining room table next to me where he spends a lot of time.  He got up and started meowing and walking up and down the table.  He was very agitated.  I was inwardly delighted albeit a little confused.  I thought that perhaps, having spent a large part of my day studying, I was tired and being over-sensitive.

It was only on Wednesday morning that I understood the reason for this visit – and I am now completely sure it was a visit.  Our beautiful little black puss, Jaws, that Rowie used to call ‘Cutie’ was run-over and eventually lost her life on the morning after this visitation.  I think Rowie came for a couple of reasons – maybe he was the harbinger of sad news and maybe, just maybe he was there to wait for Jaws and to take her with him.  To me this is validation of something hugely loving and powerful that doesn’t end with the bodily death of a human or animal.


I’m still not quite where I want to be but I know that Rowie is there and encouraging me as always.