by dahl2013

Way back at the beginning of my journey I wrote a post entitled ‘Mediums and Other Gifted Souls’.  Just recently I have been retracing this path again to some extent.

Lynn provided me with the first contact with Rowie post-death.  She did a phone ‘reading’ for me ten days after he died.  She warned me that it might be too soon for him to come through – but come through he did!  He came with my mother and father.  As a sudden passing, he was being held close by people who love him and who had already passed.

Lynn did an amazing reading and confirmed many things that were only known to close family.  She did another phone reading for me when I reached out desperately for her some 6 weeks later.  She again proved herself to be an amazingly gifted soul.  She then came to visit us in April 2013.  Chris and Francis were present for this reading and she provided positive and powerful comfort for us all.

During this phase of my journey I clutched at any straws that came my way.  I attended a workshop with Kelvin Cruickshank in Christchurch where Rowie put in an appearance.  I visited a Channel, Dellaina, in Christchurch who channelled an Ascended Master called Almora.  Almora, although not a medium, was able to tell me what stage Rowie was at with his healing.

I then totally blew the budget by visiting Jodie in San Francisco (actively encouraged by Chris I must add)!  Rowie had been hanging with Jodie ever since I had told him to go and introduce himself to her.  He popped to see her every time she emailed me or skyped me.  He got to know her very well even before I arrived in San Francisco.  That week in Aptos (where Jodie was based) was truly awe-inspiring!  I met many spiritually gifted people who taught me countless things and I came back to New Zealand with skills and experiences that were mind-blowing.

I then had a period of quiet contemplation and self-reflexion.  I felt like I had been running a marathon and I needed to pull back and review everything I had experienced.  I had been advised by Rowie (through Jodie) to start writing about my experiences.  This writing would enable me to make sense of what I had learned so far.  The first thing I learned was that challenges usually have to be worked through before they can be transformed into strengths!  These challenges, quite often the loss of a loved one, set us on a path to search for our ‘higher purpose’ in life.  Most people find that this ‘higher purpose’ involves sharing, teaching and contributing the knowledge that they have gained through this loss with others who are starting out on a similar journey and who are looking for their own purpose and comfort.

After this period of quiet contemplation I began to feel restless again.  A good friend of mine mentioned in conversation a gifted soul who is a spiritual artist who lives in the area.  We never got around to visiting her.  Several months down the track another friend mentioned that she was going to see this lady and asked if I would like to go with her.  I did.  She is another beautiful soul with fascinating gifts and purpose.  I returned by myself to see her again.  We had a wonderful day together and I learnt much.


Just recently I had the wonderful experience of seeing Rowie, albeit only for a second, and I felt the need to see Lynn again.  I visited her last Saturday.  What a wonderful day.  I had amazing company on the journey to Gore – the company of two beautiful women who are going through a similar journey to our own.

When I saw Lynn again it was like meeting up with a long lost friend!

She told me that this reading wasn’t about Rowie it was about me!

Jodie said of this

‘Spirit will do that sometimes.  It is their gentle reminder that after a loss it is time to make ourselves the centre of our lives again. You must be sure to live for you and I am so glad and proud that Rowie has put that forward too. He is obviously in very good hands’.

Rowie did join us nonetheless.  Lynn said he is taller, broader, more mature – he retains his cheekiness though.  He spoke of a dripping tap that is driving me nuts!  It certainly is!  He spoke of a family of mice we have ensconced in the warmth of the house (Long-Cat Yowling being the culprit who introduced them) and my reticence in using traps.  He mentioned our recent visit to the dentist and a particular missing tooth – and those of you who know Chris and I well will know what this refers to (I shall say no more)!  This was ample proof yet again that he was ever present in the room with us and that he is ever present in our lives.

Lynn went on to discuss my journey over the last eighteen months and said that I am getting closer to the spiritual acceleration I have been looking for.  She spoke of her mentor visiting and offered me a class that he is running – I accepted without hesitation J.  Lynn is a beautiful and amazing soul.

….and so my journey continues with renewed energy and enthusiasm!