by dahl2013

Who you were yesterday is not important; what you do today is vitally important.  What you do today will dictate what you become tomorrow.  If you look at this logically, then today is the most important time of your life and it shouldn’t be wasted.

When we pass from this world to the next we take nothing with us except our soul and all the loving moments and memories from our lives.  We need to clear our minds of all unwanted thoughts and concerns.  We should quieten our minds and wait for a new perspective on things to enter the space we create.  Meditation is a great way to do this.  Alternatively just sit quietly somewhere – somewhere in nature maybe.  Don’t let the cold weather stop you – sit in the car overlooking the beach within sound of the waves.  Let every ‘today’ be a time of inspiration, healing and learning.  We must allow ourselves time to rediscover the real ‘us’.  We mustn’t be discouraged by setbacks for the Universe always seems to ensure we are where we need to be ‘right now’.  There is no need to doubt ourselves or feel negative.  As long as we a trying our best we raise our vibration. 

Have you noticed how the Universe always seems to send us people who we need just at the right time?  You may have been thinking about something and suddenly the answer appears in front of you; maybe on television or the radio – or computer.  Since I started looking for these occurrences they have become far more visible.

There are always people we will like and there are always people who we will dislike and we all tend to label others and the things that they do as either good or bad.  It is fact though that at some point in the past, present or future we have done, or will do, the very same things – we need to be forgiving.  The whole purpose of all relationships is to help us to be more loving and compassionate and less judgmental.  Life is specifically designed to give us the lessons we need.  The relationships we encounter help us broaden our understanding of life, love and ultimately ourselves.

Sometimes I feel as if I am stagnating – I want desperately to move forward but can’t seem to clear the confusion.  My thoughts go around and around and don’t come up with any answers.  After a period of inactivity my journey then seems to dart ahead again; not always forward, maybe sideways but it certainly starts again with renewed energy.  The Universe seems to hold the surge back until my mind is ready to accept it.

I know Rowan is proud of me.  He knows so much more than me now (and he probably always did)!  I would love to have a deep and meaningful discussion with him about the meaning of life!  It seems so unfair to me that he has so much knowledge and I have so little; and that I have to work so very hard to gain the little bit of knowledge that I have! 

The one thing I am absolutely sure about is that the soul lives on after the vehicle it has used crashes and dies.  Rowan has made that completely clear to me and he has improved my quality of life enormously by teaching me not to be afraid of dying.