by dahl2013

Tolerance – a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, practices, race, religion, nationality, etc., differ from one’s own; freedom from bigotry.

To get on in this world of ours and with each other, we need to learn respect for other peoples’ beliefs and to not judge them without any understanding of where they are at in their life.

I have many friends who have followed my journey after the death of our beautiful, vibrant, warm, loving and funny son, Rowan. These friends for the most part understand the word ‘tolerance’. Some do just that; they ‘tolerate’ my beliefs. They may not have the same beliefs but they love me just the same. Others have joined me on this journey and have found themselves learning enormously about their own spirituality; these people are changing. They are opening up and finding direction in their own lives as am I; they are finding new perspectives on their situations and their individual journeys through life. Others seem to struggle with what I am doing. Whether this is because they have different beliefs or because they are scared of what I am learning I’m not sure. Perhaps they haven’t lost anyone close enough to them who they want to stay in touch with. I see the look in their eyes; their embarrassment; their desire to extricate themselves from my presence as quickly as possible!

After my visit to San Francisco and the suggestion from spirit that I might find it healing and beneficial to write about my journey; already fascinating in its development, I made a promise that I would write everything as it happened. I would not exaggerate or embellish anything along the way. This blog is a true and correct account of the things that I have experienced and learned so far. I will talk of my journey truthfully and without elaboration.

As I said in June, I saw Rowan the night before our beautiful wee girl cat was killed on the road – the very first time I have seen him in eighteen months. It was only a brief glimpse but a glimpse nonetheless and something I had been so looking forward to. I have seen him again. This time I told Chris straight away. We were heading to the city for several appointments and I was google-mapping our route for the day. It was early morning and I was sitting in the office. I was looking at the computer and became aware of movement outside the window. Chris was sitting six feet away watching television. I pushed my chair back to see what the movement was and I saw Rowan walk past the window. I laughed and explained to Chris that Rowan was here again.

At 11.19am whilst I was in town I got a text from Maree (Francis’ wife) to say that her gentle, gentle-man of a father, John, had passed away unexpectedly. I am guessing that once again Rowie was trying to tell me something and for that I am grateful. I grab any opportunity with both hands to see our beautiful son again.

I just hope that the next time I see him he is the purveyor of good news!

I realise that listening to me chirp away about metaphysical things like crystals and pendulums and their efficacy and meditation etc is acceptable. Some of you may find my announcement I have seen Rowie harder to take on board. I am tickled pink that I am beginning to see him; after all, this was the sole purpose of my journey initially.

A medium can contact spirit in several ways. There is clairvoyance where the medium can see spirit; there is clairaudience where the medium hears spirit; and there is clairsentience where the medium ‘feels’ or senses spirit through many senses – smell, or vibration etc. Some lucky souls are blessed with all three abilities and the more they work with spirit the more developed these abilities become.

I have seen Rowie. I do not, for one minute, profess to be a medium. I believe it does mean that I am learning to listen to my inner self, my intuition though and I firmly believe that Rowie has a strong intent to be visible to me.

At the end of July I am attending a Level 2 Spiritual Development Workshop which I hope will help me to help Rowie in his desire to be seen and heard. Please be tolerant of my journey.