by dahl2013

I just had to write a few words about synchronicity.

Synchronicity – is the experience of two or more events as meaningfully related, where they are unlikely to be causally related. The subject sees it as a meaningful coincidence. The concept of synchronicity was first described by Carl Jung, a Swiss psychologist, in the 19290s.

If you are a follower of this Blog you will know that I do not believe in coincidences. ‘Coincidence’ is a word used by people to make excuse for not believing in predestination or the Universe’s ability to bring things into our lives that we desperately need at any one time. Our lives have been filled with ‘coincidences’ since Rowan died – far too many to write them off as accidental or chance happenings.

The most recent ‘synchronicity’ occurred over the last four weeks. A friend who I met through this blog recommended I read a certain book; a book already recommended to m in an email by another friend who I met on one of my spiritual forays to Christchurch in 2013. This book is entitled ‘On Dragonfly Wings’ – a skeptic’s (sic) journey to mediumship by Daniela I Norris.

A friend lent me this book and as I began reading it I couldn’t help but notice how similar her journey has been to mine. She lost her younger brother in a drowning accident which kick-started her spiritual journey.

She has ventured down several tracks on her journey and some of these again have coincided with mine; she started by experimenting with pendulums – something I started with way back at the beginning of my journey in January 2013. I got some satisfaction from pendulums but found them rather restricting after a while; I only managed to get ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers – I was wanting more.

She eventually ventured down the path of ‘Past Life Regression Therapy’ and has had some astounding and hugely beneficial insights into her present life through many past lives from this form of treatment. She has located her brother in a previous life and realises the amazing weaving of tapestries that our soul families accomplish over the many lives we incarnate into.

I find it absolutely fantastic that I should be given her book to read at the same time as an offer lands on my table for me to take part in a ‘Past Life Regression Healing’; admittedly I was advised to do this many months ago by a UK medium but have found this extremely challenging due to the lack of the advertising of such people in rural South Otago!

How amazing is it that I now have the opportunity to access my past lives through another wonderful person introduced to me by my first contact in the spirit world, Lynn. I am hugely grateful to the Universe for arranging this synchronicity for me and I advise anyone listening to my ramblings to start looking at small synchronicities in their lives and wonder at their awesomeness!!