by dahl2013

I have been lucky enough on this journey to meet many wonderful and gifted people. When I first started talking to Angels (and I hasten to add that I, unfortunately, am NOT one of the lucky ones who hears them reply), I asked them to send me like-minded people to help me on this journey. I may not hear them speak; I have never seen an Angel; I have never been the eager recipient of an Angel feather; but they sure have answered my request to fill my life with people who are similarly attracted to a spiritual life and quest for knowledge. I turn on Facebook or download emails and there isn’t a day goes by when someone new and like-minded doesn’t send me some sort of heart-warming missive.

This weekend past I met another bunch of amazing people all drawn together through a shared desire to learn more; all on journeys of their own – some driven just by a desire for explanations, some driven through illness, and others like me through the loss of a loved one.

My warm and funny friend, Lynn hosted the workshop. She has grown spiritually in the eighteen months I have known her. I have always found her to be an amazing, gifted, beautiful soul but she has energy and a zest for life now that is hard to describe. Lynn’s mentor, Nigel Collis was facilitator; another warm, comforting presence. I find it very difficult to describe these people because it isn’t what you see on the outside that makes them who they are; it’s in their eyes, it’s in their heart, their love is tangible – you can reach out and touch it. So, not only do we have these two amazing architects for the day, we have a room full of compatible souls all in accord with each other. Can’t help but be an awesome day can it?

The day started perfectly – no snow or frost on the roads to impede our progress (which was God-sent in the middle of winter I am sure)! Easy company and conversation on the way to Gore………..and the Owaka/Clutha contingent arrive (early of course) and raring to go.

Sitting waiting for us on the table were clear quartz pendulums. We were told to connect with our own and find out the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ response from them. I have used pendulums a little in the past so was delighted to be taken through the process by a professional. My pendulum behaved perfectly and gave me a constant ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ reply as did most. I have talked in previous posts about the energy of crystals and it never ceases to amaze me how vibrant they can be. My clear quartz pendulum was only too happy to please! We were shown how to balance chakras with the Pendulum and I am now waiting for a guinea pig!

We were also given a Herkimer diamond. This is a powerful attunement crystal. It stimulates psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, spiritual vision, and telepathy, linking into guidance from higher planes and promotes dream recall and understanding. Another synchronistic occurrence – I have been using crystals for lucid dreaming and dream recall for almost a year now.

We had a lesson on seeing Auras! That may sound a little less than exciting to some of you. I have been trying to see Auras for a long time now with little success. Auras don’t only show emotional state, they show injury sites and illness too. When I eventually saw one on Saturday I couldn’t stop myself squealing with excitement! Admittedly the one I saw was a pale grey in colour – nothing so exciting as colours as yet but I am told that with practice I will begin to see colours too. The family have warned me to stop looking at them in a sideways fashion though – they feel a little spooked by it HA!!

We ate well, we talked lots. The Owaka/Clutha contingent headed home happy and tired – heads buzzing with all we had learned.

Sunday was my day for a past-life regression. I have to admit to feeling a little ambivalent about this. The closer I had got to the day, the more reticent I felt.
Past-life regressions are done under hypnosis. Nigel’s only real instruction to me was to answer his questions without thought; to answer with the first thing that entered my head.

As I sat back in my comfy chair I didn’t really believe that I was ‘falling under hypnosis’. I was pretty convinced I was in the same state as when I had entered the room. After a lengthy relaxation Nigel took me along a path and started asking me questions.

“Is it dark or is it light?” Light. “Is it warm or cold”? Warm etc.

To cut a long story short, I was a fourteen year old girl somewhere in the 1300s. I was wearing a long, dirty, tatty robe. I had dirty hair and green eyes. I last washed my hair ‘in the water last summer’. I was standing under a big wall – like a wall to a city or a wall to a castle – something like that; and I was on the outside. I think nice things are on the other side of the wall. I am responsible for two younger brothers and a younger sister. I don’t know where our parents are but I presume they are inside the wall. I was then given the opportunity to go inside the wall but I wouldn’t – I was too scared. I am scared and hungry. My life revolves around keeping my siblings safe and fed. He takes me forward until I am 22 years old. I am in the wood living in a hut. I keep pigs which are left over from the farm we used to live on (which was burned). I live with Charlie, my young brother. The others are dead. I am then taken to my death-bed. I am 25 years old. I am dying of disease of the lung. Charlie, my brother, my friend died of the same disease. They have all died. I am devastated – crying.

Nigel asked me to look into my mother’s eyes and asked me if I recognised anyone from this life in those eyes. I didn’t. He asked me to look into my fathers’ eyes. Did I recognise anyone from this life? Yes I did – my father’s eyes from the 1300s were Francis’ eyes in this life. He told me to look into Charlie’s eyes. Did I recognise those eyes from this lifetime? Yes I did but for some reason, even under hypnosis, I wasn’t prepared to say who.

Well, until the point when I was truly devastated at the death of Charlie I wasn’t sure whether the story I could see unfolding was a real memory or just an imagined story. Charlie’s death made it all very real for me.

Nigel and I discussed the regression and came to the conclusion that my parents had probably died of disease which was why the farm was burned and I was left looking after the young ones in the wood. We were probably outcasts. The lung disease could explain the bronchial problems I have been struggling with in this lifetime…….interesting.

I would like to regress again further down the track but I will go with a clearer idea of what I want to learn from it than I did this time.