by dahl2013

Since I made the decision to write a book I have been suffering from writer’s block! It appeared to me that maybe the Universe was telling me that the time wasn’t right!

Last week I visited my awesome friend out at The Nuggets who gave me a healing session. She uses sound and energy to heal and I had the most amazing time with her. She had invited Rowan to join us and I know that he was there. She made me feel so very much better about myself – maybe the Universe wasn’t saying that after all – maybe I just needed to rest a while and concentrate on other things. She gave me an incredible crystal, Que Sera, which has an astonishing energy and power – as I have discussed before, the power of crystals always astounds me.

A very beautiful and spiritual friend of mine (both inside and out) sent me a message last night. She said that Rowan had been to visit her again! He has been to see her twice now. When she first told me, a couple of months ago, that he had been to see her I found it strange because he didn’t actually know her whilst he was here – she is one of the awesome people I have met since he passed over. He has obviously watched our friendship grow and is showing us both that he approves!

On this visit he was accompanied by a young lady who he knows who passed over earlier this year; a young lady who my friend knows very well. She explained that she was feeling very sad and that this young and beautiful soul came to see her. This young soul looked over at someone and my friend saw Rowan, wearing a bright yellow shirt (his young friend’s favourite colour). Rowan then moved over to his friend and placed his hand upon her shoulder. She then gave my friend a message for her family. They are well and happy as far as she could tell.

I love hearing things like this. To me this is saying that when we pass over we still have the freedom of choice that our Creator gives us when we incarnate into this world. Rowan and his friend obviously choose to spend time together and this is awesome. I get great comfort from the fact that he has people around him now who he knew when he was here and that they get to spend quality time together. I feel sad for those of us left behind but great happiness in thinking about them and the possibilities for them where they are. The beauty about their existence on the next plane is that there is no pain, no illness, no sadness – only happiness and unconditional love – and they get to use these wonderful, spiritual people around us to pass their messages on.

Rowan has been joined by another friend over the last few weeks – one of his peers who shared a lot of time with him on this side and I am sure they will be playing catch-up now. I feel assured that Rowan is helping him to adjust to his new surroundings and is helping him through his healing process.

If you happen to lose someone close to you, be open to receive the signs that your loved ones send to you. Rest assured that they will send signs; you just have to be open to receiving them. I have been amazed by the willpower of spirit to get their messages through to us. They try to provide us with comfort in as many ways as they can. They tell us that they are still around. We just need to open ourselves up to receive these communications. You can offer them chances to communicate by sitting quietly and asking them questions in your head. Listen for their replies. Ask for signs; ask for rainbows, butterflies, birds – you chose something; and ask your departed loved ones to show them to you. You will be surprised by their ability to do this on request!