by dahl2013

The weather for the last three days has been a replica of the weather leading up to Christmas in 2012; sunny, warm, positively balmy – a massage for the soul!

I popped out to The Nuggets first thing this morning.  The colours were truly amazing.  Everything looked crisp and clear.  Bright blue sky reflected in the shimmering water of the Pacific.  Peace.  What a wonderful, magnificent presence of quiet.  My friend had two visitors to her beach this morning; a fur seal and a NZ sea lion.  How lucky are we to live in such a beautiful area as The Catlins, New Zealand?  She also had a very persistent sparrow that hovered repeatedly outside her large window as if he had a message to share with us.

Our family moved down here from Alexandra in December 2008.  Rowan really didn’t want to come down here – he had fallen in love for the first time.  Laura had been generous enough to agree to accompany him to his first ‘Formal’ – a black and white themed dinner and dance to celebrate their moving from primary education to senior school!  A great event enjoyed by all and such a serious part of growing up.

On our journey down through Miller’s Flat to Owaka, furniture van following, we stopped to say a farewell to Laura with a promise that she could come and stay with us at Easter.  This placated Rowan somewhat although he was still fighting the move stubbornly.

As it turned out, Laura was to accompany Rowan to his next two ‘Formals’ – the ‘nearly grown-up’ kind!  How awesome was that?

After our contract in Owaka ended and we had the opportunity to move back to Alexandra (we had kept our house there), Rowan fought tooth and nail to stay in Owaka!  Oh how things change!  He had fallen in love with the sea, with the native bush, with the bird-life, with the people of Owaka and its surrounds.  He loved The Catlins Area School and couldn’t contemplate finishing his schooling anywhere else.  He had made life-long friends with the whole school community and eventually achieved his aspiration to become Head Boy.

His fatal accident on 26 December 2012 brought a premature end to this and everything else on this earthly plane for him; his opportunity to create more memories taken away in the blink of an eye.

Chris and I chose to stay in Owaka after Rowie passed; not least because Francis is close by, but because the community has a certain something; a warmth, an ethos, a tenet that we didn’t think that we could find anywhere else.

For a small community, Owaka has lost so many of their youngsters.  I have something pulling at me; nudging me, telling me to do something.  All kids are special.  These kids that have been taken so prematurely from us in Owaka are special – very special and I have a feeling that there is something I am supposed to do to honour them and to help us heal the wounds.  This sounds crazy.  This sounds ridiculous.  I have a recurring dream, one which gives me hints but doesn’t explain how and what I am supposed to do next!

I was told to write and so I write.  I was told to work with the energy of crystals and I am now making crystal jewellery.  Maybe my next steps will become clearer as time goes on.

If there is something I need to do, I can be sure the Universe will let me know!