by dahl2013

Two years ago, January 2013, saw the start of an incredible journey for me.

We lost our seventeen year old son in a horrendous accident on Boxing Day 2012 which led me to an amazing scramble for the truth!

The thing that I really needed to know first was, where is Rowie now? Is he dead and gone? Is there nothing but ashes remaining from such a short but happy, loving and energetic life? Is it like my father predicted; you are born, you live, you die, you return to the earth – the end?

Of course everyone who loses someone close needs to grab hold of the hope that life does go on after we lose our physical bodies; that there is a kind of ‘life after death’; that we will be able to catch up with loved ones somewhere down the track…….that they might even be waiting for us when we breathe our own last breath.

Well, it didn’t take me long to start believing that some sort of life after death does indeed exist. All the ‘coincidences’ gave it away! I’ve talked before about these. These coincidences started the day after Rowan died and they have continued to occur throughout the last two years; usually when I or my family needed some sort of a lift, a tonic, an encouragement.

The first book I read after Rowan died was lent to me by our funeral director, Raewyn. She loaned me this book by UK medium Lisa Williams, Life Among the Dead. It talked of a place where Spirits progress when they leave their earthly body. When I say ‘spirit’, I am referring to souls that have returned to source, passed into the Afterlife, Heaven etc. Lisa has spent many years speaking to dead people for and on behalf of people like myself who have lost loved ones and want proof of their continued existence. She also has the gift of seeing and talking to her own spirit guides. Add to that the near-death experience she underwent and she suddenly looks like an extremely knowledgeable person in the field of all things metaphysical! The whole package so to speak!

This led me to contact Lynn, a medium in Gore. She worried that perhaps Rowie wouldn’t come through so soon after passing because he would need to heal. He did come through – God bless Lynn for her amazing gift and her ability to make my beautiful son feel comfortable with her.

The first person I spoke to who could actually see Rowan ‘in situ’, where he was at the time, was Almora, Ascended Master channelled by an awesome lady, originally from Jersey, who now lives in Christchurch, Dellaina. Dellaina isn’t a medium. She channels Almora and brings messages from him to help us live life to the best of our ability and he helps us realise our soul purpose in this life.

Almora saw Rowan in a great healing facility/hospital. He was sitting in a large hall with very high walls and windows from top to bottom allowing in pure, beautiful light. This building was all-white. He described the peace emanating from this place as truly amazing. There was music playing quietly; the most incredibly music. He told me that Rowan, because of his sudden and unexpected death, had much healing to do. Apparently when spirits pass quickly as he did, with no warning, they can see their loved ones here hurting and they feel huge sadness for them. They need this healing time to process what has happened to them and to refresh their memory of what they actually are and to help them to understand the progression of spirit through various lifetimes.

People who have had long, debilitating illnesses equally spend a while within this healing facility, helping them to release the mental pain and suffering that these illnesses have put them through. This ‘hospital’ helps the spirit to shed any memories of the pain and trauma their physical body suffered through their earthly lifetime. People suffering from addictions when they passed also need to spend a deal of time in this healing facility because they bring with them remnants of their addictions that need to be discarded.

Almora talks about the the vibration and energy in this healing facility and how it feels like a huge, loving embrace; one that you will not want to leave! You stay in this healing facility as long as you need to.

The healing facility is staffed by ‘healers’ – these same ‘healers’ work with us down here. They help us through emotionally difficult times. These ‘healers’ are highly evolved souls who guide you through your healing after the trauma of passing; suddenly, from a long illness or after a violent death. They help you through the grieving process of having left the Earth plane – it is a natural feeling to grieve for the life you have left behind.

Almora thought that Rowan was nearing the end of his healing process. At this stage Rowie had been gone from us around 5 months. I had been told by another medium that Rowan would probably need around 6 months healing before he was able to progress. This all fitted perfectly. When I attended Kelvin Kruickshank’s workshop in June I was told that he ‘was whole again’ and happy.

When I visited Jodie in San Francisco, some eight months after Rowan had passed, he was out of the facility and working as a ‘healer’ himself; meeting young people who, like him, had passed unexpectedly due to an accident; helping them to process their grief and helping them to understand the ways of the Afterlife, Heaven etc. He talked of wanting to be an ‘Ambassador for Heaven’.

After spending the needed time in this healing facility we meet up with our spirit guides again. This is where we decide on our best path forward; we get to see our Akashic Record, a document that details every single life we have lived on the Earth plane. We make the choice to reincarnate again or to stay a while longer to participate as an inhabitant of Heaven.

Some lucky souls don’t have to reincarnate again because they have completed all their life lessons. They get to stay in the Afterlife for as long as they want.

Oddly enough though it seems that most spirits choose to reincarnate again; to once more live within a dense, slow moving Earthly body where they can experience all the physical things that a spiritual soul cannot experience.

If only we knew this when we complain endlessly about the way life is treating us!!