Crikey! There are a lot of beautiful ‘mums to be’ and new mums around just now!

My father was never one to look at women as he drove around – you know the sort of thing; gorgeous looking woman walking down the street – worth a good look as you drive past! The only women he ever gave a second glance too were pregnant women – he thought every single one was absolutely perfect and beautiful and his face cracked into a wonderful smile every time he saw one! I have to confess that I probably inherited this gene from him. I think pregnant women are truly stunning and I absolutely loved being pregnant myself – the whole nine yards! Unfortunately my father never got to see the daughter he loved so much pregnant to boot – not from this plane anyway! He died a year before Francis came striding into our world.

I got to thinking a wee while ago.

If, as I suspect, we draw up a contract before we incarnate, when does the baby’s soul enter its body?

I am pretty sure that we all get to choose our parents and I’m pretty sure we all play a part in the planning out of our life lessons with those who are going to be closest to us in this next incarnation. OK so far. Our spirit, or soul is sitting in Heaven enjoying a break from our worldly responsibilities; in between incarnations; recovering from their last learning experience; appreciating this well-earned time-out. Perhaps we only step into our body as we are being born into this world again. Maybe we get to watch our mums and dads travel the nine months prior to our delivery – to watch the excitement and the planning and the lead up to the welcoming of this new soul into the world? This makes perfect sense to me. I believe we have a totally different time frame to that which operates in Heaven – what seems like an eternity down here passes like no time at all in Heaven.

I find the idea of a soul picking its future parents incredibly awesome. It gives a whole extra slant to the process; makes it even more perfect and special.

Souls recognise other souls by looking into others’ eyes. The age-old saying “the eyes are the windows to the soul” is very true. In my first regression therapy I certainly saw, in the eyes of my father in that incarnation, Francis’ eyes. This suggests that at some stage in the past, our roles were reversed and Francis was my parent. I equally saw Rowan in the eyes of the younger brother I loved and nurtured in the same regression. This was a hugely interesting and moving experience; one that tore me apart but one that has explained a lot to me about my present incarnation. At some stage I would like to experience another regression and learn a little more about my infinite soul. It is a fascinating way of learning about yourself and your life path in the present incarnation. It explains so much about the experiences and the driving force within you in this life.

I have talked before about my belief, as a child, that I could heal people by placing my hands on them. I find it remarkable that I can now use my hands for healing with the Universal White Time Healing gift, given to me by Jose Sanchez in San Francisco when I visited a dear friend, Jodie, there two year ago. Maybe part of Rowan’s journey was to help me remember that I was a healer in past lives and should be in this. I would have never explored spirituality, and learned as much as I have done if it weren’t for Rowan. What an incredibly selfless soul he is – and I will love him forever, as in infinitely, because he will be with me eternally and forevermore.